Beam 2021 Week #46 - Privacy Throughput

Covering November 15th - November 21st 2021

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With the BeamX launch and the Confidential DeFi ecosystem set to expand, it presents some interesting nuance as we shift from a primarily transaction based network, to one with a variety of private applications complimenting and working together, backed by smart contracts, allowing all that DeFi has to offer with the best-in-class privacy backing it up!

A couple of the important traits that present themselves when talking about DeFi applications are throughput, and miner extractable value. The former is fairly easy to wrap ones head around, with Beams current TPS being around 17 transactions per second. There are various solutions in existence that can help to ramp this number up, and long term it will likely be a combination of solutions, with various different tradeoffs and trust assumptions that lead Beam to be secure, decentralised, and with a high transaction throughput. As for miner extractable value (MEV) there are many more factors at play, with the space evolving at a rapid speed. Some examples of MEV are DEX arbitrage, liquidations, and sandwich trading.

One of the latest Beam schemes that can address some of the above is that of Hi Frequency transactions.

Beam Hi Frequency Transactions

Research into how this scheme can be developed is currently being explored and will be designed with smart contracts - Beam Shaders; in mind, as these shaders will undoubtedly be dependent on other transactions and the overall state of things, including throughput. The concept ensures insistence that dependant transactions will seek on being included in a specified block and at a given specified position, or not included at all. This urges development to create a strict inclusion rule for transactions, which can give pseudo confirmations before the transaction is included in the block, and can protect users from unwanted outcomes such as being front run on DEX trades. More research into these points is ongoing and you can rest assured, the most efficient and scalable method of ensuring BHFT will be designed, as is our continual striving; from the ground, up.

For a more in-depth outline on HFTs, you can read more on the Beam GitHub.


As you know the BeamX initial staking campaign kicked off last month. It has seen huge support and confidence from the community, with the numbers continuing to rise since the contracts went live!

Total Stakers: 15377

Farmed: 351,978/1000000 (35.20%)

TVL in $BEAM: 20,691,235(20.35% of circ. supply)

TVL: $13,789,839

BeamX withdraw from contract: 77,783

If you are not yet staking, jump into the Beam Core Dapp and get your farm on! 🧑‍🌾


More Beam NFTs than you can shake a stick at!

Privacy protection!

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