Beam 2021 Week #2 - Mobile Privacy

Covering December 28th - January 3rd 2020

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Beam News

An eventful start to the year already, as we kick off into 2021 full steam ahead. A lot of exciting things on the cards for Beam in the near future, including Eager Electron 5.2 for Mobile and 5.3 for Desktop, with BeamX launch expected towards the end of Q1. Along with all this, conversation and discussion towards and updated roadmap is due to kickoff shortly, and of course the community feedback and insights will come in clutch as we push forward towards a private platform for Defi applications.

Eager Electron 5.2 Mobile

The next release coming our way is Eager Electron 5.2 for both iOS and Android. So time to take a look at exactly what this will include.

  • Max privacy transactions - bringing the same boosted privacy from desktop to the mobile wallets. Users will now be able to send and receive with max privacy, right from the comfort of their mobile, bringing that 64k annonimity set to the palm of your hands!

  • Offline transactions - Making use of the same LelantusMW, mobile will benefit from the receiving of transactions whilst remaining offline.

  • Mobile node - Beam Mobile Node is in fact an improvement to both the node (added during the latest hard fork) and the wallet logic, which from now on allows the mobile devices to validate the blockchain without relying on the SBBS for transaction related information. This improvement achieves two important goals. It both removes the need for Beam Mobile wallets to connect to the own node for full blockchain synchronization and the need to synchronize the balances between different wallets using the same seed. The main difference between the full node and the mobile node is that the latter does not redistribute blocks which would be inefficient both in terms of bandwidth and battery life.

Research and Development

After a quick holiday season, the Dev team is back at it, polishing off the last of EE 5.2 for the mobile release, and progressing nicely with EE 5.3 for Desktop, with the release expected in the coming weeks. Last week Beam Tech Lead Alex Romanov hosted the Beam Workshop for the Encode Club Hackathon we are currently taking part in. Alex outlines what is behind Beam, building Beam Shaders, and setting up a development environment for building on BeamX.

Beam Accepted Here

This week in Beam Accepted Here, we bring you Immodes Tea Trading

From Pu’er to Wulong, Immodes has it all when it comes to Tea! Now orders can be place with Beam, bringing the second most consumed beverage (after water!) Beamers the world over. Beam also has our very own Tea expert, Beam Product Lead Sasha. So if you ever need some recommendations, hit him up!


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