Beam 2020 Week #31 - Inside Lelantus-mw

Covering July 27th - August 2nd 2020

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Beam News

This week saw some great Beam content covering the exciting tech we have at hand. One of the highlights was an introduction to Lelantus-mw by Grant Hawkins. He takes us through the mechanics behind Lelantus-mw, and sheds light on the increased privacy it brings to the Beam blockchain, and how the cryptography plays out under the hood.

Check out the full Lelantus-mw introduction by Grant here:

Some of the key takeaways for Lelantus-mw:

  • Breaks the links between utxo

  • Offers an anonymity set of 65,000

  • Allows non interactive transactions

  • Usable with both Beam and Confidential Assets

The breaking linkability feature allows for maximum privacy in your Beam transactions, and adds privacy to the overall ecosystem. If you haven’t yet tested it out, get your CLI wallet up and running, and jump into the shielded pool.

Follow Raskul’s guide to get unlinking your Beams!

For the GUI wallet Beamers, Lelantus-mw, along with the hotly anticipated non-interactive transactions, will be coming to you in the Eager Electron 5.1 release, which will be upon us soon™.

Research and Development

The R&D is plowing ahead with the progress for EE 5.1. You can follow the open project board on GitHub to have a look at what’s to do, in progress, done, and tested. These boards offer a great way to see what is coming and how the team is progressing with the current projects.

Attention is also being paid to the Webwallet. Testnet release is to be announced shortly, with more development and testing to be done for the Mainnet release.

This week also saw an in-depth development update from Alex Romanov, Beam Tech Lead. He takes us through what has been happening in recent times, the upcoming Eager Electron 5.1 release, and Beam’s Confidential DeFi architecture.

After feedback from the great Beam community, we have taken on board all constructive criticisms and concluded that the term 'token' will be amended back to 'address' for use within the wallets for the function of sending and receiving Beam. As ever, many thanks to all those who continue to provide valuable feedback, to further improve the Beam ecosystem.


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Beam 2020 Week #30 - Beam ❤️'s Privacy

Covering July 20th - July 26th 2020

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Beam News

DeFi has seen massive growth in 2020, but there is still an ever missing component; privacy. This last week saw Beam present its thoughts on DeFi, the different components that make it tick, and how Beam continues to build out the key infrastructure needed for truly confidential DeFi. This is an important part of adding even more value to the Beam ecosystem. It will extend Beam from private transactions and payments, to a more comprehensive suite of confidential financial applications.

Check out the key components from the article, and what’s to come for Beam: 

Beam offers best in class privacy, and we are leading the way to Confidential DeFi.
Work continues at full speed on both fronts. Being able to keep ones finances private, and making your money work for you, are two things that are coming to fruition as we speak.

Speaking of Privacy

In this day and age, maintaining ones online privacy is as important as ever.

But how does one do that?


A virtual private network, extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

VPNs can help users maintain their privacy from hackers, snoopers, and internet service providers trying to look at your instant messages, browsing history, credit card information, downloads, or anything else sent over a network. Even financial services companies in the fiat world use VPNs on their devices.

You can purchase a VPN with Beam through PIA, Tor Guard, Pure VPN, and a multitude of other VPN providers on Beam Accepted Here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can roll your own VPN with the help of Raskul, for extra privacy.


A virtual private server is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting company.

VPS can add privacy and security for such things as torrent downloads, and the internal communications for companies.

There are also a number of VPS providers that accept Beam, including Cyber Hour, Go VPS, and many more.

Pay Privately

Making purchases whilst maintaining privacy has never been so easy, as with Beam mobile and desktop wallets. If you are looking to maintain your privacy in your transactions, Beam has a range of shop, services, and merchants that accept Beam as payment.

Beam4Me takes this to the next level, and allows you to make purchases with Beam, through any merchant that accepts Bitcoin. A huge steam for Beam, and a huge step for privacy.

Research & Development 

This week the Beam development team is focused on the upcoming Eager Electron 5.1 release that will bring Breaking Linkability to the GUI wallets. Extensive efforts have been made, to fit this privacy behemoth into the usability that we love with the Beam wallets.

The release will also include a number of improvements to Atomic Swaps, including fee improvements and support for SegWit.

The focus will then shift towards both Eager Electron 5.2, and the Beam Web Wallet.

There are some great updates coming in the near future, including some more details on Beam & DeFi, along with the greatly anticipated roadmap update. This will provide more insights into the exciting developments on the horizon.


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Beam 2020 Week #29 - Beam4Me

Covering July 12th - July 19th 2020

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Beam News

A busy week for Beam on all fronts. One of the highlights came from community contributor Vsnation, in the form of Beam4Me. This opens the doors for users wishing to utilise Beams privacy, along with the merchant adoption of Bitcoin. Users can easily send their Beam to Beam4Me, and have the value in BTC send to the merchant for their purchases. This is a great addition to the Beam ecosystem, and will no doubt see added traction with Beams usage as a means of payment.

On another front, Beam faced a foe in the form of a reorg attacker. It came to our attention due to some irregular network activity taking place. Prior to the Hardfork, exchanges were advised to increase the number of block confirmations on their deposits, along with a mechanism that prevents reorgs deeper than 60 blocks being automatically accepted, in order to help mitigate such attacks being successful.

Unfortunately, some of the exchanges did not implement the changes to confirmations at the time of first contact, and it seems that an attack was successful. After this came to our attention, the effected exchanges were swiftly contacted, brought up to speed with the situation, and managed to prevent further damage being done.

You can read over the full breakdown of events, and more details on how things unfolded here.

The team continues to monitor the situation, in the best interests of the Beam networks stability.

Research & Development 

The Testnet release for the Beam Web Wallet and Chrome Extension is here. It is currently in early Beta, with development ongoing before Mainnet release. If you are keen to test it out, grab some Testnet Beam from the faucet, or jump into the chat and someone will send some your way.

The Web Wallet, is a close counterpart to the Wallet Service, which will play an integral part in 3rd party multi-coin wallets adding Beam to their mix.

Now is the time to put Beam on your favourite wallets radar!

This will be a big focus for the team, as the mainnet Web Wallet and Wallet Service is rolled out to mainnet.

The development team has been looking closely at how best to implement more complex logic to allow for further DeFi applications on Beam. Extending the idea of scriptless scripts, taking them a step further, and allowing for such things as liquidity and lending pools, and other such use-cases that come with them. Some exciting developments have been made on this front, and we can expect to hear more on this, along with an in-depth look at DeFi on top of Beam in the coming week.


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Beam 2020 Week #28 - Lelantus MW and the anon set

Covering July 5th - July 12th 2020

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The Breaking Linkability feature is at the heart of Lelantus-MW and we have already seen it being used by the community. The extra layer of protection has been added to Beam’s already stellar privacy and allows users to unlink any potential connections between their transactions, to further protect users privacy against even the most resourceful attackers.

The function is designed to provide Maximum Privacy when transacting, and holding your Beam, and can be done with a self-send transaction or whilst sending to another Beam wallet.

The targeted anonymity set is 64,000, and to achieve it, we need you!
Check out the simple step-by-step guide by Raskul to get yourself in the shielded pool, stay anon, and get unlinking!

Breaking Linkability is coming to the GUI wallets in Eager Electron 5.1, so the more usage it has now, the better for when it hits the GUI.

Lelantus-MW resources:

You can check out two first Lelantus-MW transactions here:

Beam Accepted Here Update

The ability to maintain ones privacy is essential, especially when making online purchases. For this reason, merchant adoption for Beam is essential, and has been one of the big focusses from the get go.

Recent additions to merchants accepting Beam:

A full list of merchants can be found on the Pay with Beam section on site. 

Research, Development, and Product

Under the hood Beam became even more powerful, and with this comes some extra responsibility; making sure the user experience is inline with the quality we have come to love.

The Development, Product, and Design teams have been working relentlessly to ensure the smooth transition, to the next Beam Release.

Bringing you confidential, fast, and easy to use wallets

With the shift to a more open development, and bounties to attract outside input, the team has started to add reward amounts to the pertaining tasks on GitHub.

The initial support is aimed at the Beam Desktop UI Wallet (C++ / QT). The open issues are conveniently labelled with “help wanted” and an indicated Beam reward. The issues include info on the steps to replicate, and what’s expected with a fix.

For those looking to contribute check out the Contribution Guidelines, and jump into the Developer Support channel for any questions. More will be added on this front, in due course.


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Beam 2020 Week #27 - It’s Confidential Assets

Covering June 28th - July 5th 2020

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Beam News

Confidential Assets are live on mainnet!!

The recent fork brought with it some incredible upgrades to the Beam network, that will see us leading the way in Confidential DeFi. One such upgrade was the activation of Confidential Assets (CA). An essential building block, CAs are independent tokens on the Beam network benefiting from the same impeccable privacy and usability as we have with Beam. Despite being currently limited to use with the CLI wallet, we have already seen the first and second CAs being issued. Their integration to the GUI wallet, and a fully fledged CA explorer, are in the works, and expected in the not too distant future.

For those looking to learn more on CA, check out the specs on GitHub, and for a how to check out the walk through guide by Raskul.

CAs offer some incredible use cases:

  • Confidential Synthetics, such as commodities like gold/stable coins, and digital assets such as shares, stocks, and bonds

  • Confidential Wrapped Assets like BTC, and ETH

  • Community Coins/Tokens.

Looking to issue an asset?

Get in touch - and let’s make it happen!

Asset Explorer

On issuing a CA, users will be able to add metadata to their asset, which will all be viewable from the asset explorer. This data will enable asset issuers to keep users informed and in the loop.

A look into the upcoming explorer

The Confidential Asset explorer will allow users to easily see what assets are on mainnet.

Users will be able to dig deeper into the metadata of the asset, including units, names, descriptions, and issuance values.

For those looking to issue assets, the explorer will also offer its own helper, to ensure the right information and data is added to the asset.

Research & Development 

The team is hard at it on the integration of Lelantus-MW to enable Breaking Linkability of UTXOs with ease, right from within both the desktop and mobile wallets.

Now that we are on the other side of the Hard Fork, with an upgraded and stable network, it’s time to look forward to the future. An updated roadmap will be released in the coming weeks, outlining the focus moving forward, with emphasis on use cases for Confidential DeFi, and the tools for developers to work with and on Beam.

One of the things to look forward to is the Beam DEX. This will expand on the already available Atomic Swaps, which will come out of beta. It will enable CAs to be immediately swappable with BEAM, BTC, LTC and QTUM. Users will benefit from a wider range of order types and trade execution, with greater order matching capabilities. This will compliment the Atomic Swap API that has already been developed, and seen swap liquidity increasing in recent times.

Another notable mention is the Hardware wallet integration, which is pushing forward on all fronts. You can check out the Trezor and Ledger ongoing integrations.


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