Beam 2021 Week #29 - The Beam Dream

Covering July 12th - July 18th 2021

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Beam News

Since inception, Beam has set out to champion privacy for all, and to enable Beamers to keep their finances as they should be; private and confidential. The scope of the Beam Dream, has expanded from confidential store of value and means of exchange, to a suite of private-by-design decentralised applications. This has had a massive boost in recent months with the announcement of the BeamX DAO. We are now in the home stretch for the BeamX launch, which is set to bring the best-in-class privacy we all know and love to the DeFi space!

The date for staking 🥩 is still to be announced, so until then, soon™️.


What does it mean to be a Beamer you might ask?

  • Passionate advocates of privacy

  • Love, live and breathe crypto and blockchain

  • At the forefront of privacy tech

With these in mind, we encourage Beamers the world over to join us in our mission to bring financial privacy to all!

Research, Development, Product

The Beam devs are charging ahead for the release of both FF 6.1, and the BeamX staking Dapp. If you haven’t already, check out the latest and greatest in the Beam wallets!

As you will see, there are some wicked updates in the latest major release, from support for Confidential Assets, to the Atomic Swaps and the Dapp store! Together setting the stage for the BeamX DAO and ensuing staking campaigns that will come with it!


A busy week for Beam on Twitter. Throw some likes, comments, and retweets, and be the Beamer you want to see in the world; A wholesome privacy advocate, educating and engaging for brighter web3!

The Beam Dream Colorized 2021

The Beam Book

Protect your Privacy with Beam

Powering a More Powerful, Private DeFi

Some extra sauce for the TA Beamers with some insights into the weekly market movements, and some long term price projection, destination moon!

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Beam 2021 Week #28 - Transact in Privacy

Covering July 6th - July 11th 2021

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Beam News

Another busy week for Beam with the devs at full speed for the launch of the BeamX platform expected late this month or early next. The date of which will be announced soon, maybe even in the next newsletter 👀 so be sure to tune in, and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to get them direct to your inbox!

With all that’s going on in Beam, from the upcoming BeamX launch, to the confidential DeFi suite that is coming to fruition, it’s easy to forget what we are here for… Privacy!

Since the get go it has been the mission of Beam to give people control over the privacy of their finances! In the last month alone there was 120,000 transactions on the Beam network! With the launch of staking Beam for BeamX, onchain governance in the BeamX DAO, and the plethora of DeFi use cases coming to the network, this number is set to explode. All on Beam, all in privacy!

Research, Development, Product

As we prep for the kickoff of BeamX, also in the works is the releases for Fierce Fermion 6.1. Some wicked updates incoming for the next release, so let’s check out some of the highlights:

Along with this, extensive work is ongoing for development documentation for building on Beam. Combined with the work towards tooling, and the BeamX Dapp support devs, the ecosystem is set to flourish!


Not only are the Beam Devs hard at work, they are getting noticed!

Spreading the word on privacy, and the road to confidential DeFi (!!!)

A BeamX sighting

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!

Beam 2021 Week #27 - Just DAO It

Covering June 28th - July 5th 2021

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Beam News

A busy week for Beam team as we push forward to the launch of BeamX coming later this month. A big part of which is onboarding new users, and bringing them in as Beamers. In this light we released a great piece on Introducing BeamX: Privacy-by-Default & Maximum Confidentiality DeFi ecosystem!

As we come closer to the launch, more info and updates on staking, voting, and the overall governance, will be shared with the community!

Coming soon ™ :

  • BeamX DAO Forum
    This will be the place for overall discussion on the upcoming DAO governance voting, and to present supporting evidence and pros and cons of each option. This will present a key role in the DAOs governance!

  • BeamX Tokenomics
    Outlining the initial phase for distribution, where staking Beam for BeamX will be possible. This will also outline how further phases will be decided and enacted.

  • BeamX Proposals Overview
    This will outline the different types of proposals for the BeamX DAO. From fully on chain voting with contracts being triggered on completion to that of signalling intent for change that cannot be conducted via a contract.

Research, Development, Product

Much of the current focus is on the imminent launch of the BeamX DAO and staking contracts. Due to the nature and importance of such, this is undergoing strenuous testing to ensure, not only a smooth launch, but secure and safe BeamX distribution contracts. The product team is working on the interfaces for staking, for Beamers to easily get some BeamX in their hot hands!

Another big focus currently is on improving both the current documentation, and increasing the documentation available for developers building on Beam. Expect to see more on this in the coming weeks!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

Beam 2021 Week #26 - The DAO

Covering June 21st - June 27th 2021

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Beam News

Another week closer to the launch of the BeamX DAO governance app, so what better time to check out some of the inner workings of the DAO itself. The exact launch time will be announced closer to the date, and is expected to come later next month. This will be the first of onchain governance for Beam, and the first chance to get some BeamX, via the initial staking campaign.

Some BeamX DAO highlights:

  • The initial Beam staking campaign is aimed to distribute a part of the BeamX DAO voting power to BEAM holders. This initial campaign will kick off with the launch of the BeamX DAO Dapp.

  • This will be the first of many, with the DAO itself being more involved in the later stages of distribution. These will contribute to bootstrapping liquidity for the various confidential DeFi Dapps that are in the works.

  • The Beam staking campaign will distribute $BEAMX through a separate Campaign contract. This contract is separate from the DAO Core contract for the sake of security and flexibility of the staking campaign. This flexibility will allow the campaign to be prolonged if deemed neccesary.

  • The intention is to give more opportunities to smaller Beam holders, and protect them from whales in some way. To do so, we use a quadratic voting approach: more weight will be given to the duration of staking, and less weight to the sum of Beam staked.

  • There will be no lock-up periods. You will be able to unstake your $BEAM at any time, and have them available in your wallet after a short cool-down period.

These are but a few key aspects for the incoming BeamX DAO. More info on the exact parameters and what to expect for launch will be presented in the coming weeks.

Research, Development, Product

Keeping in theme, some key developments are taking place on the product front, fleshng out the UI for the upcoming BeamX DAO launch. You can check out the screens for the Dapp interfaces and information provided here!

The core contracts for the initial governance and distribution of BeamX are all but complete, undergoing rigorous testing as we speak.


Great support from StealthEX, having Beam tradable on their instant exchange!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

Beam 2021 Week #25 - The Road to Confidential DeFi

Covering June 14th - June 20th 2021

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Beam News

A big week for Beam with the unveiling of the Beam Roadmap for 2021. A huge spec-out of the confidential DeFi ecosystem coming to Beam! One of the central points of this is the Beam governance module that will allow for voting in the DAO, and staking $BEAM to receive $BEAMX. This is something that is expected to drop next month, with the date TBA.

Roadmap Highlights:

  • DAO Core: the Governance App

  • Web Wallet

  • Confidential Asset Swaps

  • Dapp Store

  • Decentralised Bridges

  • Oracles

  • Stable Coin

If you haven’t already, check out the full Roadmap update here!

With the most recent roadmap update came some excellent coverage on Beam’s Confidential DeFi buildout.

Smart Liquidity - BEAM Roadmap Update

BTC Manager - Beam Team Releases Roadmap Update: Confidential DeFi via BeamX, Cross-Chain Interoperability, & More

U Today - Beam Updates Roadmap with new BeamX DeFi Ecosystem Completes Hard Fork, Teases New Tools Release

Forklog - Команда Beam представила дорожную карту развития конфиденциальной DeFi-платформы

Jinse - BeamX实现隐私拓展 对复杂的DeFi交易现状说“再见”

Chainnode - Beam迎来硬分叉,BeamX匿名属性或与DeFi进一步融合

Research and Development

Development on FF 6.1 is well underway! The release will include many a small bug fix, along with improvements to the max privacy transactions, including the addition of payment proofs for such. Along with this, contract shaders for the DAO core governance are being worked on, preparing for the BeamX launch next month.


A great giveaway from our friends at Coin Joy to celebrate the successful Hard Fork!

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