Beam 2020 Week #27 - It’s Confidential Assets

Covering June 28th - July 5th 2020

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Beam News

Confidential Assets are live on mainnet!!

The recent fork brought with it some incredible upgrades to the Beam network, that will see us leading the way in Confidential DeFi. One such upgrade was the activation of Confidential Assets (CA). An essential building block, CAs are independent tokens on the Beam network benefiting from the same impeccable privacy and usability as we have with Beam. Despite being currently limited to use with the CLI wallet, we have already seen the first and second CAs being issued. Their integration to the GUI wallet, and a fully fledged CA explorer, are in the works, and expected in the not too distant future.

For those looking to learn more on CA, check out the specs on GitHub, and for a how to check out the walk through guide by Raskul.

CAs offer some incredible use cases:

  • Confidential Synthetics, such as commodities like gold/stable coins, and digital assets such as shares, stocks, and bonds

  • Confidential Wrapped Assets like BTC, and ETH

  • Community Coins/Tokens.

Looking to issue an asset?

Get in touch - and let’s make it happen!

Asset Explorer

On issuing a CA, users will be able to add metadata to their asset, which will all be viewable from the asset explorer. This data will enable asset issuers to keep users informed and in the loop.

A look into the upcoming explorer

The Confidential Asset explorer will allow users to easily see what assets are on mainnet.

Users will be able to dig deeper into the metadata of the asset, including units, names, descriptions, and issuance values.

For those looking to issue assets, the explorer will also offer its own helper, to ensure the right information and data is added to the asset.

Research & Development 

The team is hard at it on the integration of Lelantus-MW to enable Breaking Linkability of UTXOs with ease, right from within both the desktop and mobile wallets.

Now that we are on the other side of the Hard Fork, with an upgraded and stable network, it’s time to look forward to the future. An updated roadmap will be released in the coming weeks, outlining the focus moving forward, with emphasis on use cases for Confidential DeFi, and the tools for developers to work with and on Beam.

One of the things to look forward to is the Beam DEX. This will expand on the already available Atomic Swaps, which will come out of beta. It will enable CAs to be immediately swappable with BEAM, BTC, LTC and QTUM. Users will benefit from a wider range of order types and trade execution, with greater order matching capabilities. This will compliment the Atomic Swap API that has already been developed, and seen swap liquidity increasing in recent times.

Another notable mention is the Hardware wallet integration, which is pushing forward on all fronts. You can check out the Trezor and Ledger ongoing integrations.


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Beam 2020 Week #26 - Beyond the Fork

Covering June 22nd - June 28th 2020

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Beam News

Beam has completed its second Proof of Work change from BeamHashII to BeamHashIII. The change of mining algo, and additional upgrades, went on without a hitch, exactly as expected. Check out the recap of the fork, along with the team reactions.

Now is the time for Beam miners to get their mining rigs up and running, and find the best and most suitable mining software to mine Beam on the new algo. Our Miner Community Strategy Manager, Raskul, has set up a short survey for miners - as we try to collate a matrix of GPU hashrates, to further inform our community of all viable options and their respective capabilities.

If you are a Beam miner, head on over and complete the survey!

We also want to encourage all miners to ensure the robustness of the Beam network and utilise pools that are doing their part in helping decentralise Beam.

Open Source Pool Software

If you didn’t already notice, there is also a pool software that anyone can run and optimisations have been made immediately after block 777,777.

The open source pool features a plethora of functions like;

  • Plug and Play: No need for miners to request payouts - they just open their Beam wallet after a confirmed block and their mined Beams will land. 

  • MYSQL Database: Optimised backend database in MYSQL giving you full access to transactions and payouts, with easy manual payout abilities. 

  • Unique shares calculator, BASiC: the payment processor rewards the finder of each block with a variable bonus based on the block-found sharediff.
    Find out more about BASiC

  • Privacy & Anonymity: the pool does not publish publicly which address is the  finder of blocks.

A recent stress test on the software showed great efficiency with the optimised code, it even comes with a dedicated high difficulty port at which a miner can use in conjunction with 3rd party hashrate rental services.

If you are renting large amounts of hashrate from such platforms as NiceHash or MiningRigRentals for any duration of time, you would do very well to use the open source pool software!

So we urge you all, however large or small your mining capabilities, help Beam tend upon its own network health - spread the hashrate to your own pool, or allow smaller pools the chance to compete with larger pools.

Most importantly, you can find the open source and free to use code, with a detailed how-to guide, here:

Raskul has the pool code up and in action, so head on over and point some hash his way:

If you are using miniZ mining software on your mining rig, your command line is even shorter for this pool! Read more here.

Research & Development 

With the latest Hard Fork behind them, Beam devs continue pushing forwards with more exciting updates to look forward to

  • Work has started on the 5.1 of the GUI wallet. This release will come with Breaking Linkability support, Atomic Swap improvements including SegWit support, automatic fee rate extraction, and much more

  • Work has started on Beam side chains POC. This will allow the creation of MW chains that run independently, but allow moving Beams and Confidential Assets from the main chain to the side chain and back. This will greatly extend the possibilities for innovation and applications, including different consensus types and integrating various types of smart contracts.

  • Hardware and Web wallet are in the final stages of testing and will be released to Testnet soon

  • Work has begun on GhostDAG


A huge week for Beam in the press, with coverage on the Hard Fork, and Beams shift towards our focus on Confidential DeFi that comes with the upgrades. Show your support and like/clap/comment/retweet the great coverage to show the strength of the Beam community!

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Beam 2020 Week #25 - 6 days 'til Hard Fork!

Covering June 15th - June 21st 2020

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Beam News

With only 6 days until the Beam Hard Fork, it’s all go on both the development and community fronts! We continue to see great growth in users, merchant acceptance of Beam, and the overall strength of the ecosystem. A few of the most recent additions on the merchant adoption front, come to us in the form of MrChrissy hosting services and VPN, more beautiful Beam merch, on demand phone verified accounts, and scented candles; because, who doesn’t love candles.

The best way to keep up to date with Beam merchant adoption, is following Pay With Beam on Twitter, and checking out Beam Accepted Here on site.

Beam Audit

Beam Audit development is underway, with the UI taking shape, and it’s key features coming to fruition. This will no doubt become an integral part of the Beam product, and one that makes Beam stand out in the crowd. After all, privacy is not simply the ability to hide all of ones information, but to choose who you give access to what. The Opt-in Auditability is solely at the users discretion.

Team Beam conducted talks with a number of accounting firms, collecting valuable feedback as to what they need and look for in order to conduct audits on their customers crypto holdings. This has been massively beneficial, and heavily influenced the developments taking place.

Beam Audit will provide the ability to keep accounts of multiple users, with details on their Beam and Confidential Asset balances, and transaction details.

One key point to mention regarding Beam Audit, is that the Audit Key will not allow for retroactive auditing. When you create an Audit Key, the auditor of your choosing will get details on the future transactions, but not those prior to the generation of the key. More details on this, and supporting auditors, will be shared in due course.

Research & Development

Beam developers continue to make strides in the functionality and usability of Beam network and product offerings. With a little less than a week to go before the Hard Fork, some huge changes are coming, with an exceptional base for Confidential DeFi applications being laid out.


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Beam 2020 Week #24 - Bountiful!

Covering June 8th - June 14th 2020

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Beam News

The Beam train is powering towards the upcoming Hard Fork, with a little under two weeks until block 777,777 when the network will face its second major upgrade. Here are just a few things to keep you excited leading up to the big event!

The latest and greatest iOS wallet has been released, so if you haven’t already updated, get on it now. The new wallet is not only compatible with the upcoming Hard Fork, but also comes with the much sought after USD and BTC balance display option.

The Android release for the upcoming fork is expected soon (tm).

Speaking of wallets, the Beam wallet has been added to the Microsoft store, increasing exposure and accessibility to Windows users. Help us spread the word and leave your best Beam wallet review on the store!


As Beam governance has now fully transitioned to the Beam Foundation, and as an open source project, we are looking to promote more outside contribution to the Beam codebase.

The initial support will be aimed at the Beam Desktop UI Wallet (C++ / QT) and Beam Web Wallet Chrome Extension (JS / Angular). The open issues are conveniently labelled with “help wanted”, info on the issue, steps to replicate, and what’s expected with a fix. For those looking to contribute check out the Contribution Guidelines, and jump into the Developer Support channel for any questions.

Contributors will be rewarded for their efforts with bounties. If the task does not have a clearly assigned bounty in the description you can reach out to Beam Tech Lead, Alex Romanov, to discuss.

Open Source Code

There have already been some great open source contributions to the Beam ecosystem, with many more to come. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Beam Mining Pool:
    Hashrate distribution is a key to a decentralised proof of work network. With this in mind a great effort has gone into writing open source Beam mining pool software, making it easy for anyone to get a Beam mining pool up and running. The pool software also comes with it’s very own built from scratch BASiC rewards mechanism, which rewards the block-finder with variable bonus correlating to the sharediff of the actual block found.

  • Atomic Swaps Market Maker Bot:
    The Atomic Swap Market Maker API was released recently, and now anyone can easily run a bot to make use of the Beam Atomic Swap market place. The bot enables users to add to swap liquidity, and potentially benefit from market making and arbitrage opportunities that present themselves. There is an easy to follow quick deploy guide to get you up and swapping!

  • Beam Butler:
    The heart of the Beam Telegram community; protector of spam, server of tips, and spreader of Red Envelopes to all. It’s with great pleasure to let you all know that the source code for the Beam Butler bot has been opened.

  • Beam Pay:
    A payment processor that allows for easy integration with your online store to automatically manage all your transactions. Beampay is a great way to start accepting Beam as a merchant, and is already integrated and on display at

Research, Development, and Product

The Web Wallet work continues with the Testnet release around the corner. You can check out the design concepts below!

The Web Wallet, and underlying infrastructure, opens the Beam ecosystem to powerful integrations and collaborations in the DeFi space!

The plethora of opportunities for integration with 3rd party wallets and platforms that come with the Beam Web wallet, present a great opportunity for us Beamers to start prompting their favourite wallets to add Beam to the mix.
Snap to and get them Beam!

Eager Electron 5.0 for iOS has been released.

Work on the Android Eager Electron 5.0 wallet release continues, with it expected to drop soon. The next release will be compatible with the upcoming Hard Fork, so when the time comes, be sure to upgrade your droids.

With the earlier mentioned efforts to encourage outside contributions and third party integrations, a Developer Tool Kit is in the works, to make such efforts as seamless as possible. Stay tuned!


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Beam 2020 Week #23 - Onwards

Covering June 1st - June 7th 2020

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Beam News

A big reminder to all to upgrade your desktop GUI/CLI wallets and nodes for the upcoming Hard Fork. Head over to the Downloads Page, and read the release notes, to get yourselves ready. The upgrade is roughly three weeks away now, with the consensus upgrades expected on the 28th of June, block 777,777!

Mobile wallet releases are around the corner, so stay tuned!

The Community

A great month for the community with a lot of action coming from our India, Africa, and Spanish Ambassadors. Let’s dive in and see what’s been happening.

Suhas is leading the charge in India and looking to expand with some new Ambassadors. He is upping the content, growing the community, and spreading the word on Beam. Check out his latest in Understanding the need for Privacy and birth of Beam. If you are based in India, reach out to Suhas and let’s see what we can make happen. We are excited to make more waves in such a diverse country, with a huge respect for privacy and interest in crypto.

Africa is charging full steam ahead with Agbona at the reigns. The last week saw a great AMA in Binance South Africa channel, with Beam Foundation COO, Amir. You can check out the full manuscript and checkout their monthly newsletter covering all of their activities. They are also looking to add to their team with a focus on Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Rwanda. If you are keen to get involved with the ever increasing efforts in the continent, check out the article and put yourself in touch with Agbona.

Fernando is leading the efforts in Spain, cementing his place at the top of the list for Beam translations. In the past week alone, he has translated the AMA, the piece on Beam UX, and given some great coverage of Beam in his latest podcast. If you are keen on Beam, and Spanish speaking, we would love to hear from you, and get even more happening on the Spanish front.

Research, Development, and Product

The click of the devs isn’t subsiding with the hard fork rapidly approaching. With everything pointing towards a successful consensus upgrade, focus has shifted towards integrating the new features into the GUI wallets.

  • The 5.0 iOS wallet release is expected in the coming days, with Android following in hot pursuit

  • The first edition of the Beam Audit is seeing some frontend action, enabling users wishing to remain compliant with their relevant regulators, to opt-in for wallet audits

  • Atomic swap improvements continue, with SegWit support being added for fee reductions on the BTC, LTC and QTUM sides

  • Hardware wallet work continues, with it now edging towards the UX phase

  • Work has commenced on the Breaking Linkability feature via Lelantus MW for desktop and mobile wallets, expected in the 5.1 release

  • The setting screens are being reworked to make the wallets ever more manageable, a work in progress below


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