#15 | 💪 🔥 Talk to the Boss and more

Covering April 9th 2019 - April 15th 2019

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#Beam_News 🗞

  • We are happy to invite all our community’s members to take an active part in our First AMA Session with Beam’s Creator, Alex Romanov - April 17th, 06:00 PM GMT on Discord 

  • We are eager to welcome Raskul.com, an incredible community effort where you will be able to find video tutorials about Rig Building, Solo Mining and many more

  • Vladislav Gelfer, Beam’s Lead Dev., has attended The 2nd ZKProof Workshop in Berkeley, CA on April 10-12th 2019

  • Sold-out at Beam Meetup - Kansas University with more than 200 attendants

#R&D_Updates 👨‍💻

  • [feature]  Atomic Swap CLI - #447 in progress

  • [feature] Forgot password -  #165

  • [feature] One side payments  in progress

  • [other] Preparing for iOS Mainnet

  • [other] Crowdfunding page in progress

  • [integration] Hardware wallet - Trezor in progress

  • [bug, UI wallet] -  #580, #581, #592, #289

  • [bug, Node] -  #288

  • 169 open issues and 424 closed issues

  • 43 commits by 7 unique contributors

#Upcoming_Events 🥂

#Mining_updates ⛏

#Reading/Videos/Podcasts_Materials ⏯

#Community_Updates 👫

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