Beam - 2019 Week #10

Covering March 5th 2019 - March 11th 2019

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#Beam_News 🗞

#R&D_Updates 👨‍💻

  • [release] Android Testnet Beta 3 (#42, #104, #105)

  • [release] Node explorer API (#508)

  • [feature] Atomic swap POC (#447) in progress

  • [feature] Payment proof in UI wallet (#415)

  • [enhancement] Transaction in "Waiting for receiver" status should be able to live 12 hours (#473)

  • [bug-api] Wallet api gets easily stuck when sending large amounts of UTXO (#407) in progress

  • [enhancement] Update syncing mechanism, to be faster and more effective (#454) in progress

  • [bug, cli] Fixed several bugs (#482)

  • [integration] Integration with Trezor hardware wallet  in progress

  • [new project] Started iOS wallet development (Project) in progress

  • 153 open issues and 352 closed issues

  • 56 commits by 5 unique contributors

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#Mining_updates ⛏

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#Community_Updates 👫

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