Beam - 2019 Week #25 - Beam and Qtum joining forces

Covering June 18th 2019 - June 24th 2019

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  • We are happy to announce the 2019 Qtum & Beam Privacy Hackathon that will challenge participants to leverage the Qtum and Beam platforms in order to develop anonymous assets and blockchain privacy solutions - June 19th - August 18th 2019 - Learn more here and register here

  • Fantastic time with our Vietnamese Community during our Community AMA. Find the transcript here… in Vietnamese

  • #FocusOnPrivacy, our new web series with the Bitcoin Traveler, released so far 3 episodes, discover them here


  • [SWAP] List of cases when we need to notify second side about failures (will be supplemented) #702

  • [SWAP] Display "Swap conditions match" first before claiming "Swap Accepted." #666

  • [SWAP+CLI] - Move the all related SWAP command to separate group in help #731

  • [CLI] - Export/import transactions' list #687

  • [CLI] - Add poll period parameter to cli #714

  • [CLI] - Export/import transactions' list #687

  • [CLI] Command change_address_expiration for ALL address works wrong with argument expiration_time=24h #658

  • [CLI + UI] [Fork] Add validation of fee amount #715

  • [CLI] - Add poll period parameter to cli #714

  • Desktop] - User-friendly desktop wallet migration #587

  • [UI Wallet] - Rescan - Not all types of coins are displayed after rescan #720

  • There are 163 open issues in /beam

  • Excluding merges, 10 authors have pushed 51 commits to master and 57 commits to all branches. On master, 90 files have changed and there have been 10071 additions



Every week new businesses are accepting Beam as a Payment Method. Here is a list of the newcomers:

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  • Google Confirms Creepy New Privacy Problem (Davey Winder)
    Google recently published a pretty clear declaration of how committed it is to privacy in the home. "Your home is a special place. It's where you get to decide who you invite in," the Google document states, adding that people want to trust the things they bring into their homes before insisting, "we're committed to earning that trust.

  • New US visa requirements threaten privacy and freedom of expression (Allie Funk)
    The State Department recently announced a new policy requiring visa applicants to provide social media details on their petitions to obtain a U.S. visa. This dramatic expansion of the government’s collection of social media information comes while opportunities for legal immigration, including asylum claims, are being tightly restricted.

  • Coinbase CEO Praises Privacy While Allegedly Blacklisting Anonymous Transactions (Adrian Zmudzinski)
    Co-founder and CEO of major U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong attracted criticism after praising private crypto transactions in a tweet published on June 22.

  • California’s Data Privacy Law Will Create a New Headache for Tech Companies (Eric Savitz)
    Passed unanimously last year in both chambers of the California legislature, the California Consumer Privacy Act is the state’s under-appreciated attempt to regulate the collection and sale of personal data by Facebook ), Alphabet ’s Google, and other companies that rely on targeted advertising and the sale of consumer data to power their businesses. 


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