Beam - 2019 Week #26 - Snowden & Beam

Covering June 24th 2019 - June 30th 2019

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Edward Snowden spoke at Bitcoin 2019 about Privacy and mentioned privacy-centric solutions, including Beam.


  • Team Beam is supporting Scaling Bitcoin 2019 "Yesod" that will take place on September 11th-12th in Israel

  • When Edward Snowden speaks about Privacy… and Beam

  • Register to the 2019 Qtum & Beam Privacy Hackathon - teams will have 2 months to develop privacy-related software and win prizes of $60K

  • #FocusOnPrivacy, our new web series with the Bitcoin Traveler, released 5 episodes so far, interviewing Crypto celebs like Tone Vays, Olga Federmeier and others. Discover them here. More to come, stay tuned.


  • [Swap] Compare swap_network when checking Swap conditions #737

  • [Swap] Changed LTC version 0.16 -> 0.17 #Link

  • [UI Wallet] - Login screen layout moves down after login #734

  • [UI Wallet] - Incorrect message shown when port is not available #449

  • [UI] No information shown when user tries to use a port that is already open. Wrong status #721

  • There are 168 open issues in /beam

  • Excluding merges, 8 authors have pushed 30 commits to master and 56 commits to all branches. On master, 54 files have changed and there have been 3607 additions



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