Beam - 2019 Week #27 - Atomic Week

Covering July 1st 2019 - July 7th 2019

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  • Bright Boson 2.2.5635 - Release Notes

  • Bright Boson 2.3 - Release Notes

  • [Wallet Bug] - Wallet crashes if you specify an incorrect port and close wallet #744

  • [Clear Cathode 3.1] - Check restore flow for cold wallet #745

  • [CLI] Add ability to expire addresses in CLI #639

  • There are 174 open issues in /beam

  • Excluding merges, 7 authors have pushed 19 commits to master and 32 commits to all branches. On master, 62 files have changed and there have been 4376 additions



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  • It was a really bad month for the internet (Zack Whittaker)
    If these past few weeks felt like the sky was falling, you weren’t alone. In the past month there were several major internet outages affecting millions of users across the world. Sites buckled, services broke, images wouldn’t load, direct messages ground to a halt and calendars and email were unavailable for hours at a time.

  • Privacy-first browsers look to take the shine off Google’s Chrome (David Ingram)
    Before Google, Facebook and Amazon, tech dominance was known by a single name: Microsoft. And no product was more dominant than Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer.

  • Apple Users Warned About iOS 13 Security And Privacy Problem (Davey Winder)
    When the "Sign in with Apple" functionality to appear as part of iOS 13 was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) back on June 3, it was met with broad approval from Apple users.

  • TikTok’s mounting privacy issues are unlikely to hurt its ad business (Kerry Flynn)
    TikTok is being heavily scrutinized by regulators and activists. But it seems, just like the case with other ad platforms, advertisers are focused more on TikTok’s growing young user base. TikTok has faced a myriad of brand safety issues. One concern comes from its younger user base.

  • FTC to Ask About Disabling YouTube Ads for Kids’ Privacy (Ben Brody)
    The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission asked children’s privacy advocates whether having video creators on YouTube disable ads could resolve concerns the site is violating laws to protect kids, according to a person familiar with the conversation.


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