Beam - 2019 Week #32 - 🍴Hard Fork is coming

Covering August 5th - August 11th, 2019

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  • An important reminder to everyone to update wallets and miners BEFORE the upcoming Beam Hard Fork at Block 321,321. This will occur around August 15th 2019 - Make sure you download the latest version here

  • Restore from Seed Phrase is now available on iOS. Check out our latest release here

  • All you need to know, and never asked about working with wallets with the same seed phrase on multiple devices. TLDR: Don’t do it!

  • Team Beam was in Asia, meeting the community in Chengdu and Shanghai (China) and in Seoul (South Korea)

  • We are happy to sponsor the F2Pool Official Meetup in Moscow - Aug. 24th 2019



Every week new businesses are accepting Beam as a Payment Method. Here is the list of this week’s newcomers:

Got an awesome product or service and you would like to accept Beams for it? Drop us line to


  • We have released the latest version of Beam Wallet iOS - Clear Cathode 3.0

  • [Explorer-node] Add API to report node peers #799

  • [GUI Wallet] "System time is not synchronized" error is shown after Computer wakes up after sleep/hibernation #798

  • [Desktop Wallet] In progress panel - support for swap currencies #792

  • [Desktop Wallet] Loading bar issue #790

  • [Android Wallet] Beam sending screen - user interface changes #292

  • [Android Wallet] Remove "Save address" alert on sending screen #288

  • [iOS Wallet] Fix buttons position on login screen #262

  • [iOS Wallet] Restore wallet on password screen #259

  • Excluding merges, 8 authors have pushed 3 commits to master and 48 commits to all branches. On master, 5 files have changed and there have been 2369 additions


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