Beam - 2019 Week #6

Covering Feb. 4th 2019 - Feb. 10th 2019

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#Beam_News 🗞

  • The Litecoin Foundation has approached Beam about possible cooperation to implement Mimblewimble via Extension Blocks on Litecoin.
    One of Beam’s goals is to advance privacy in cryptocurrency space and promote Mimblewimble protocol, and we are glad to provide Litecoin Foundation with our help and expertise.

  • Beam will release its Lightning Network Position paper.
    Over the past couple of weeks, we have verified the feasibility of these ideas and started to put fractured pieces of information together into a more comprehensive plan. 

  • Last week, the 4-millionth Beam was mined.
    This milestone is significant because Beam is 1-month old.

  • Amazing Chinese New Year! Xin nian hao! 新年好!
    We wanted to wish to our Chinese Community members and friends an amazing new year full of joy, light and sovereignty!

#R&D_Updates 👨‍💻

  • Working on Testnet-Mainnet Coexistence and planing Testnet’s Release.
    We’ve been designing the download page for Testnet (#396), building clear indication for users to differentiate between Testnet and Mainnet (#392) and establishing interoperability between the two environments (#397).

  • We’ve fixed several bugs - Here are the main ones:
    Transaction was stuck in in_progress state (#169)
    - The sum in error message didn’t include fee (#360)
    - Transaction was registered in the chain after canceling (#402)
    - Estimated time on restoring and creating new wallet changes disproportionately to the time (#206)

  • We’ve been working on performance enhancements - Here are the main ones:
    Removed GPU miner from UI wallet (#448)
    - All miners are now built on builder (#308)
    - Added option to avoid using TLS for Stratum (#357)
    - Added ability to export and import addresses for users (#346)
    - Removed mining threads from wallets (#361)

  • We have worked on Wallet API integrations
    Add ability to use JSON RPC over HTTP in Wallet API (#423)
    - Implement wallet API (#76)
    - Added current difficulty to wallet_status api (#429)
    - Added `from` field to `tx_send` wallet api (#417)
    - Added rules configuration options to wallet-api (#310)
    - Wallet API enhancements (#306)

  • 134 open issues and 310 closed issues

  • 29 commits by 5 unique contributors

  • We have created a comprehensive Documentation Base for Beam on Read the Docs platform. Read it here.

#Mining_updates ⛏

  • Beam reached 50,000 Block Height last week
    This milestone is symbolic but shows our growth is stable.

  • Average Mining Difficulty: 275K
    Same here, our Mining Difficulty stays stable, allowing our Hashrate to flirt in average with the 5M Sol/s.

  • Beam’s Mining Calculator by CryptoEconomy
    Nice initiative from our friends at CryptoEconomy. This is tool offers some simulation when it comes to mining several cryptocurrencies, including Beam.

  • Check here for Beam Mining Guide

  • Need some help? Drop us a line at

#Product_updates 📱

  • Beam will release a Testnet environment.
    We speak about staging environments built to enable the experiment of new features and helping to find the early bugs in our wallet, node and miner software.

  • We’ve been working on the release of our Android (Android 6.0 and higher) Alpha Version.
    This is the very first version of Beam Mobile Wallet, with very core functionality supported.

  • On Beam’s website, we worked on new features:

    • Beampedia - A Beam’s related Encyclopedia

    • Multi-Language Features - We will release soon Beam’s website in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian

#Reading/Videos/Podcasts_Materials ⏯

#Community_Updates 👫

#Upcoming_Events 🥂

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