Beam 2020 Week #13

Covering March 23rd - March 29th 2020

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Beam News

A great week for Beam, with regression testing well on the way for the upcoming Double Doppler 4.2 release, and work starting to take place on future releases. There has also been a lot of progress regarding the upcoming hardfork (date TBA). Wilke Trei has been hard at it, with the reference miner for Beamhash III now seamlessly switching between Beamhash I, II, and III, proof of work algorithms. Beamhash III will be more memory demanding than the last iteration, and access the memory in larger batches, which should enable GPUs to better utilise their bandwidth. There will be more info on this closer to the hardfork date, so stay tuned.

Also on the mining front, Raskul has been putting the open source pool code to work. He is operating a pool on the Beam mainnet, and has been stress testing it with some added hash power the last days.

It is great to have many pools and even more miners supporting the Beam network and ecosystem as a whole. So how can you contribute you may ask? Let’s take a look at some different ways we as a community can contribute, and some guides that can bring us up to speed:

  • Master the command line, set up a Beam node, and try out the CLI wallet (if you haven’t already). You can follow this great resource for learning Linux basics from Null-Byte.

  • Once you have got up to speed with Linux, you can get your hands dirty setting up your own Beam mining pool, get some friends together, and start smashing blocks.

  • If you want to take a closer look at the Beam code, and understand better what you’re reading, you can check out this C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners on Udemy.

  • A great way to contribute to the Beam ecosystem, is creating open source tooling for Beam. One such example is Beam Pay, a payment processor enabling merchants to easily accept Beam as payment. Beam Pay is written in Python, by Vsnation, so jump in and start with an Introduction to Python Programming.

  • The upcoming release of Double Doppler 4.2 will include an API for Atomic Swap market making. To get ready for this, you can brush up on your GET and POST requests, json parsing, and the Beam node and CLI wallet deployment.

The above are all free to learn, and if (like me) you are locked up inside, can offer a great way to keep busy, learn some new skills, and contribute to the Beam ecosystem and community moving forward. If you have something you’re working on or trying out and want to share, jump into the Beam chat and let us know.


R&D Updates

Regression testing has started for the Double Doppler 4.2 

Upcoming Events

Due to the current situation, we are not planning or attending any upcoming offline events. We will focus our efforts towards online activities for the foreseeable future.

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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