Beam 2020 Week #24 - Bountiful!

Covering June 8th - June 14th 2020

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Beam News

The Beam train is powering towards the upcoming Hard Fork, with a little under two weeks until block 777,777 when the network will face its second major upgrade. Here are just a few things to keep you excited leading up to the big event!

The latest and greatest iOS wallet has been released, so if you haven’t already updated, get on it now. The new wallet is not only compatible with the upcoming Hard Fork, but also comes with the much sought after USD and BTC balance display option.

The Android release for the upcoming fork is expected soon (tm).

Speaking of wallets, the Beam wallet has been added to the Microsoft store, increasing exposure and accessibility to Windows users. Help us spread the word and leave your best Beam wallet review on the store!


As Beam governance has now fully transitioned to the Beam Foundation, and as an open source project, we are looking to promote more outside contribution to the Beam codebase.

The initial support will be aimed at the Beam Desktop UI Wallet (C++ / QT) and Beam Web Wallet Chrome Extension (JS / Angular). The open issues are conveniently labelled with “help wanted”, info on the issue, steps to replicate, and what’s expected with a fix. For those looking to contribute check out the Contribution Guidelines, and jump into the Developer Support channel for any questions.

Contributors will be rewarded for their efforts with bounties. If the task does not have a clearly assigned bounty in the description you can reach out to Beam Tech Lead, Alex Romanov, to discuss.

Open Source Code

There have already been some great open source contributions to the Beam ecosystem, with many more to come. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Beam Mining Pool:
    Hashrate distribution is a key to a decentralised proof of work network. With this in mind a great effort has gone into writing open source Beam mining pool software, making it easy for anyone to get a Beam mining pool up and running. The pool software also comes with it’s very own built from scratch BASiC rewards mechanism, which rewards the block-finder with variable bonus correlating to the sharediff of the actual block found.

  • Atomic Swaps Market Maker Bot:
    The Atomic Swap Market Maker API was released recently, and now anyone can easily run a bot to make use of the Beam Atomic Swap market place. The bot enables users to add to swap liquidity, and potentially benefit from market making and arbitrage opportunities that present themselves. There is an easy to follow quick deploy guide to get you up and swapping!

  • Beam Butler:
    The heart of the Beam Telegram community; protector of spam, server of tips, and spreader of Red Envelopes to all. It’s with great pleasure to let you all know that the source code for the Beam Butler bot has been opened.

  • Beam Pay:
    A payment processor that allows for easy integration with your online store to automatically manage all your transactions. Beampay is a great way to start accepting Beam as a merchant, and is already integrated and on display at

Research, Development, and Product

The Web Wallet work continues with the Testnet release around the corner. You can check out the design concepts below!

The Web Wallet, and underlying infrastructure, opens the Beam ecosystem to powerful integrations and collaborations in the DeFi space!

The plethora of opportunities for integration with 3rd party wallets and platforms that come with the Beam Web wallet, present a great opportunity for us Beamers to start prompting their favourite wallets to add Beam to the mix.
Snap to and get them Beam!

Eager Electron 5.0 for iOS has been released.

Work on the Android Eager Electron 5.0 wallet release continues, with it expected to drop soon. The next release will be compatible with the upcoming Hard Fork, so when the time comes, be sure to upgrade your droids.

With the earlier mentioned efforts to encourage outside contributions and third party integrations, a Developer Tool Kit is in the works, to make such efforts as seamless as possible. Stay tuned!


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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