Beam 2020 Week #31 - Inside Lelantus-mw

Covering July 27th - August 2nd 2020

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Beam News

This week saw some great Beam content covering the exciting tech we have at hand. One of the highlights was an introduction to Lelantus-mw by Grant Hawkins. He takes us through the mechanics behind Lelantus-mw, and sheds light on the increased privacy it brings to the Beam blockchain, and how the cryptography plays out under the hood.

Check out the full Lelantus-mw introduction by Grant here:

Some of the key takeaways for Lelantus-mw:

  • Breaks the links between utxo

  • Offers an anonymity set of 65,000

  • Allows non interactive transactions

  • Usable with both Beam and Confidential Assets

The breaking linkability feature allows for maximum privacy in your Beam transactions, and adds privacy to the overall ecosystem. If you haven’t yet tested it out, get your CLI wallet up and running, and jump into the shielded pool.

Follow Raskul’s guide to get unlinking your Beams!

For the GUI wallet Beamers, Lelantus-mw, along with the hotly anticipated non-interactive transactions, will be coming to you in the Eager Electron 5.1 release, which will be upon us soon™.

Research and Development

The R&D is plowing ahead with the progress for EE 5.1. You can follow the open project board on GitHub to have a look at what’s to do, in progress, done, and tested. These boards offer a great way to see what is coming and how the team is progressing with the current projects.

Attention is also being paid to the Webwallet. Testnet release is to be announced shortly, with more development and testing to be done for the Mainnet release.

This week also saw an in-depth development update from Alex Romanov, Beam Tech Lead. He takes us through what has been happening in recent times, the upcoming Eager Electron 5.1 release, and Beam’s Confidential DeFi architecture.

After feedback from the great Beam community, we have taken on board all constructive criticisms and concluded that the term 'token' will be amended back to 'address' for use within the wallets for the function of sending and receiving Beam. As ever, many thanks to all those who continue to provide valuable feedback, to further improve the Beam ecosystem.


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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