Beam 2020 Week #37 - Proof of Meme

Covering September 7th - September 13th 2020

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Beam News

A busy week was had, with the roadmap being finalised, and due to be released this week, with Eager Electron 5.1 to follow close behind!

A lot has taken place whilst Beam has grown from humble beginnings, and we continue to push forward and grow. Over the last month or so, we have had our first Beam Community Call, along with an open invitation to comment on our Roadmap that will lead us into the future. Getting the community involved in the evolution of Beam is an important thing for us, and something we aim to have more of. We will have our second community call coming up, stay tuned for the announcement!

The last week Raskul launched a meme competition, met with a variety of feedback, and some interesting entries. The competition has concluded, with the results being shared today. Head on over and see who took home the grand prizes!

Meme Competition Results!!!

Whilst there, be sure to check out the array of guides, and information on Beam and privacy. A great resource for all things Beam!

The essence of memes are just for fun, and the contest was designed to engage the community above all else. It was a lighthearted event and shouldn't be taken too seriously, whilst we congratulate the winners it should be acknowledged that it was a tough decision and we loved the sheer volume of memes entered, each were fun and unique and we had a lot of laughs seeing them appear.

Research and Development

The last week, Alex took us through the latest Beam progress on the Confidential DeFi Platform currently being built out, along an in-depth explainer on how Uniswap and similar automatic market maker Dexs work. If you haven’t checked out the Beam Pulse series, be sure to do so, and leave us your feedback in the comments!

The coming weeks episode of Beam Pulse will take a look at stablecoins, specifically algorithmic stablecoins like Maker’s DAI. Alex will take us through how a similar construct will be possible on Beam, and the steps towards this that are currently being taken.


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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