Beam 2020 Week #42 - The BeamX Factor!

Covering October 12th - October 18th 2020

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Beam News

Another busy week for Beam, with progress pushing forward on the privacy and DeFi fronts, along with the latest Beam Community Call. Some exciting updates on the upcoming releases, and additions to the roadmap and Confidential DeFi platform.

Community Call

Just yesterday we jumped on the Beam Community Call to bring everyone together to discuss all things Beam. We had some incredible insights on where we are at, and the path moving forward from Beam Tech Lead, Alex Romanov. We also brought up the topic of the upcoming BeamX, which will be a raw testnet, specifically with the development of DeFi applications in mind. This iteration will be the testing ground for Confidential DeFi applications that will run on Beam, and with it will come it’s own new branding.

For this, we call on you, the community!

We want the community to not only be fans of Beam, but to have more involvement in what’s being built, and how it is taken to the world. And thus, we invite those in the community to offer their best names for the new testnet that is expected to launch in the next month or so. Confidential DeFi to be heating up!

The call was recorded, and will be uploaded to the Beam YouTube channel this week, so subscribe and stay tuned!

Beam Africa For Change Challenge

During the last week, a huge initiative was launched from the Beam Africa team in the form of the Beam Africa For Change Challenge. The challenge calls upon African innovators with disruptive ideas to join in solving some of the challenges faced in the continent, and create a product or startup in the process. With a strong focus on crypto and privacy, it is an exciting opportunity to bring about change, take home the grand prize, and get support from the Beam dev team in the development of the product and possibly further funding and promotion.

For those looking to get involved, you can read more here, and if you haven’t already, join the Beam Africa community on Telegram.

Beam Accepted Here

More merchants joining the privacy revolution and adding Beam as a means of payment. One of the latest additions to Beam Accepted Here is the great!

Now Beamers can make purchases on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay all with the privacy offered by Beam, and without the hassle of opening new accounts. Head on over and get your shop on!

Research and Development

The latest and greatest from Alex in Beam Pulse episode 7, giving us the latest on the upcoming Beam releases, and some special insights into the Beam Confidential DeFi platform, decentralised bridges with Ethereum, and more.

Key Developments:


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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