Beam 2020 Week #45 - Beam Outreach & Hackers!

Covering November 2nd - November 8th 2020

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Beam News

A big week for Beam as we push forward towards the upcoming release of BeamX to enable privacy focussed applications to be built on top of Beam. One important step in this direction is increasing the number of outside builders, and thus we have joined the upcoming Encode Club Hackathon.

The hackathon is spread over 10 weeks, and presents a chance for developers to learn about various platforms, and build out initial applications. We are looking forward to seeing the first builders on BeamX.

Looking to build!? Get your dev friends, or go it alone, register, and start hacking!

Beam Outreach

This week brings a special announcement: Beam Outreach! It is with pleasure that we bring Beam Outreach to the Beam community and ecosystem. The platform has been under development the last months, and will look to go live to the wider community in the near future. If you are eager to get involved, and help with the initial testing, reach out below!

Join Beam Outreach in Beta testing, and do you and take Beam and Privacy to the world!

The goal for Beam Outreach is to spread awareness of both Beam, and Privacy to the wider space. Crypto and otherwise. There are some exciting things coming, and a great chance to get rewarded, and contribute to the structure and happenings of the initiative.

With confidential Confidential Assets already here, and DeFi applications around the corner, the possibilities are boundless. Be sure to reach out to Gus to get involved!

Beam Accepted Here

This week in Beam Accepted here, we bring to you: Burrell Law, P.C.

Burrell Law is a NYC-based boutique law firm that assist with various services, including:

  • Structuring your startup or business;

  • Protecting your assets with confidentiality agreements (Non-Disclosure Agreements);

  • Developing seed stage and operational financing contracts;

  • Negotiating complex employment, licensing, franchise and vendor agreements;

  • Raising startup & early-stage capital for emerging businesses.

[Redacted comment about politics and lawyers] 🌚🌚🌚

Research and Development

The latest and greatest from Alex in Beam Pulse episode 10, with a zoom out on the crypto space, and a look at the future of crypto and DeFi, and how Beams strategy fits into this.

Key takeaways Beam:

  • Privacy - Constant upgrades and improvements will continue for Beam, on all layers

  • BeamX - An extension to the ongoing efforts of Beam for private DeFi

  • Bridges - Decentralised solutions to integrate into existing ecosystems, and bringing Beam benefits to other spaces

  • Adoption - Always looking for bleeding edge tech to put into practice, such as FlyClient, Lelantus, et. al.

  • Interoperability - Building solutions for when possible, such as bridges in development with Ethereum and Polkadot


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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