Beam 2020 Week #46 - Get The Party Started!

Covering November 9th - November 15th 2020

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Beam News

A bustling week behind us with the latest testnet release, Eager Electron 5.2, dropping earlier this evening. And a busy one to follow, with the launch of BeamX coming up on Thursday.

BeamX Launch Party

With the date set, it’s time to get ready for the BeamX launch, and more importantly, the launch party! It’s exciting times ahead, with the added use cases and extensibility that will be possible with BeamX; algorithmic stablecoins, lending, AMM DEX, and much much more. Join the party to see the very first of the Beam shaders in operation on BeamX.

Date: 19th November

Time: 14:00 UTC


The binaries will be available prior to the event for download, so everyone can get involved with the festivities. We will kick off with some demos of initial shaders on Beam, and later have some on-chain games, where you can take home some prizes!

See you all Thursday!

Beam Accepted Here

This week in Beam Accepted Here, we bring to you: MMPOS

MMPOS is a mining operating system, free to use for first 7 GPU, and accepts Beam for credits. It can help you get your rigs up and running, and putting that power to use, securing the network, and mining Beam!

Speaking of Mining

With the winter months well and truly here, what better time to crank up your GPUs and get toasty. Depending on your setup and time preference, you can either go it alone and mine solo, or join a pool. You can check out the latest mining resources on site, with everything from pool lists, to Beam mining software, to profit calculators.

Be sure to jump into the Discord and Telegram to seek out assistance, talk clocks, and get to know the other Beam miners!

Research and Development

The latest and greatest from Alex in Beam Pulse : episode 11 : Party Time!
He takes us through what we can expect in the upcoming BeamX launch, the ongoing Hackathon with Beam and Encode Club, and the plans for increasing and improving the Beam ecosystem!

5.2 testnet release:

  • Max Privacy - bringing the anonymity set for Beam up to 64k, ensuring maximum privacy for those that need it

  • Atomic Swaps - two new pairs, both Dash and Doge, join the Beam Atomic Swaps

  • Public Offline Addresses - for collecting donations while your wallet is completely offline

You can take a look at the Eager Electron 5.2 - Testnet - Release Notes, to find out more!



Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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