Beam 2020 Week #49 - The 64K Club

Covering November 30th - December 6th 2020

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Beam News

The latest Beam desktop wallet release is here, Eager Electron 5.2! With it comes some wicked new features, so let’s dive in and see what it is all about!

Eager Electron 5.2

Max Privacy

As you know, privacy is at the heart of Beam, and LelantusMW was introduced during the latest hard fork, to push this to the limits. Max Privacy comes with a whopping 64k anonymity set, giving users the options for the utmost privacy. Max Privacy transactions have now been added to the GUI wallets, with the 5.2 release last week, so if you haven’t already, get the latest release downloaded, and dip your toes in the shielded pool.

Atomic Swaps

Swaps have been alive and kicking for some time now, but with the latest release, we have a couple of special additions. Namely, $DASH and $DOGE join the Beam swaps, giving more options for users looking to trade without trusting a centralised exchange with their precious coins.

Public Offline Addresses

These addresses come with a specific use case in mind, donations. For those looking to add a donation address to their website or similar, this is the perfect option. These addresses will be able to receive Beam without the wallet needing to ever come online. One nuance with these addresses is that they do leak a little privacy in that the sender to the address may see when it is later spent. Thus more suited to the likes of a public donation address.

Payment Proofs

With the latest release, payment proofs are now available for both Offline and Max Privacy transactions. A key feature now extended to all transaction types!

Check out the release notes for the nitty gritty, and upgrade to 5.2!

Beam Accepted Here

This week in Beam Accepted Here, we bring to you: Go Dark Faraday Bags

What’s a Faraday Bag you ask? ^^
For those that aren’t familiar, a Faraday bag is made of flexible metallic fabric, with the purpose of protecting it from remote wiping or alteration of wireless devices. These can be used to protect against data theft or to enhance digital privacy. Go Dark offers a number of products for personal privacy protection, and it is a pleasure to have them accepting Beam for payments!

Research and Development

The last week saw us pushing out more pairs for the Beam Atomic Swaps, with more incoming:

  • BEAM <-> DAI : Eager Electron 5.3

  • BEAM <-> USDT (ERC20) : Eager Electron 5.3

Development on Eager Electron 5.2 for iOS and Android is well under way. The next mobile releases will bring both Offline and Max Privacy transactions to the palm of your hands.

Beam Talks : with Yele Bademosi

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