Beam 2020 Week #7

Covering February 10th - February 16th 2020

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Beam News

Another busy week for Beam with the devs already hard at work on the recently released Roadmap for 2020. This week brought with it some interesting news, for Crypto as a whole, and privacy coins in particular. Let’s first jump in and take a look at what’s been happening industry wide:

Some interesting news, with one thing that rings clear; the need for opt in auditability for both individuals and corporations. An important part of Beam’s vision is this ability to remain compliant with relevant regulators, at the users discretion.

This fits well with the latest from the Beam Tutorial series by Alex Romanov: Explaining Payment Proofs. Romanov covers this essential building block for auditability, and how it functions in the Beam wallet.

Romanov also kept us up to date with the developments in progress in the Weekly Development Update.


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