Beam 2020 Week #8

Covering February 17th - February 23rd 2020

Downloads: Beam Android Wallet | Beam iOS Wallet | Beam Desktop Wallet

Beam News

A big week for Beam, especially on the community front, with a number of events taking place across various platforms. A couple of great AMAs took place throughout the week. The first with Alexander Zaidelson, Beam Business Lead, with The AMA Room, across Twitter and Telegram. The second was with Alex Romanov, Beam Tech Lead, taking place with the Huobi Nigeria community. You can read through the full AMA with Zaidelson, and also check out the AMA with Romanov.

Beam’s beloved Discord community underwent a revamp, with the addition of some new community roles, a channel for spreading the word on Privacy Matters, and a place for merchants accepting Beam to share their products and services with the community. Head on over, check it out, and get involved.

As always, development continues full steam ahead, with an upgrade to the Android wallet, Double Doppler 4.1, being released. Romanov keeps us up to date in the Weekly Development Update, with everything looking on track. Rumour has it, the Web Wallet is not far away at all!


R&D Updates

Upcoming Events

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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