Beam 2021 Week #12 - Beam Art Edition

Covering March 15th - 21st 2021

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Beam News

This week we are going to mix it up, focusing on some of the Beam inspired art coming through in recent days. It is always encouraging to see the community having some fun, and getting creative.

Beam getting cinematic!

Powerfully so!

An ode to civilisation

Blast from the past!

Growing Groths with Guy!

Jump into the Beam Art channel on Telegram and get amongst!

We are forward to seeing much more Beam art from all of you. Keep it coming!

Research and Development

The documentation of the Beam Virtual Machine is being fleshed out. You can find the functions for Beam Shaders, the Smart Contracts that will be the integral makeup of dApps running on top of Beam.

Date for Fierce Fermion 6.0 and associated Hardfork to be announced.

A special shout out to Watamelon, for their work on a Beam Go SDK, for interfacing with the wallet and explorer APIs

Beam Outreach

First update for the community coming soon™. Will update where we are currently at and what is being prioritised to push the platform forwards. A few key things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • $RAYS support in Beam Butler Tip Bot

  • Add improvements suggested by the community to the platform

  • Improved Leaderboard display

  • Bring Beam Shiller to life

If you haven’t already, head to the BOC Website, and jump in the Telegram to get involved. Expect more on this from in the coming days!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!