Beam 2021 Week #16 - Beam Resources

Covering April 12th - April 19th 2021

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Beam News

A busy week for Beam, with the announcement of the upcoming Hardfork set, and all things go for the preparation! A huge event that will bring confidential DeFi to the Beam Mainnet!

Incase you missed it, some key info on the upcoming fork:

Block height: 1,260,000

ETA: 29th / 30th May 2021

Requirements: A wallet update will be required. This is expected to be released closer to the time of the fork.

For a breakdown on some of the highlights and upgrades to come with the fork, be sure to check out last weeks newsletter here.

Beam Resources

This week we will be covering some of the Beam resources, to give a great place for Beamers to dive down that rabbit hole that is.

Original Mimblewimble Paper
From humble beginnings, the original Mimblewimble paper was authored by a “Tom Elvis Jedusor”, and dated 19 July, 2016. The paper was initially shared to Bitcoin-wizards IRC channel by a user going by the name of majorplayer.

Poelstra’s Mimblewimble paper
The paper garnered some attention in the forum, along with some critiques. A follow up paper by Andrew Poelstra was later published in October that same year.

Mimblewimble explained like you’re 12
For those that get lost in the magic of the Mimblewimble papers, an excellent piece explaining the concepts for all to understand, by an early Beam Ambassador, Connor O’Higgins.

Mimblewimble Explained Like You’re 12 Video Edition
Video adaption of not only explained like yo’re 12, but also by a 12 year old, thanks to the lovely Midge

Mimblewimble Without the Scary Math
Another great piece by our friends at QTUM, covering Mimblewimble without the scary Maths!

Now for a look at some more Beam specific resources!

Laser Beam
With scaling being a major issue facing blockchains, payment channels present a way to increase throughput and speed, allowing two or more parties to make multiple transactions, without committing all of them to the blockchain. Laser Beam will come into play a lot more, as Beam moves forward and gains adoption!

BeamHash III
As you all know, Beam is a Proof of Work coin, with the underlying algo being BeamHash III. Initially adapted from Equihash, it is now a beast of it’s own, and will continue as the Beam algo even after the upcoming Hardfork. Check out the video by creator Lolliedieb to learn more!

Beam Mining Guide
For those looking at getting their hash onto the Beam network, secure the transactions and chain, and take home them block rewards, check out the mining guide!

Speaking of mining, a great place for Beam Mining resources comes by way of the Beam mining specialist, Raskul. Check it out, show some support, and get mining!

Beam Community Call Slides
With the updated roadmap expected to drop in the next couple of weeks, you can check out the community call slides that touch on some of what to expect in the upcoming update !

This just touches on the surface some of the useful resources to dig into regarding Beam. A full list can be found on the community sites Resources Page, thanks to the great effort of Vsnation!


The major focus for R&D is set on the upcoming Hardfork. This also involves some initial contracts to be live on Beam mainnet from launch. More info on this in the coming weeks, along with the updated Roadmap. A lot to unpack so stay tuned!

Beam Outreach Update

The latest efforts for the BOC, come in the form of a facelift to the site. This will provide an easier to manage experience for those getting amongst some outreach activities.

Key Highlights:

  • Super easy to use UI

  • Organized leaderboard

  • In-built wallet (holds $RAYS)

  • Organized activities

  • Platform notification - Tags

Don’t forget to head on over, join BOC, take home some $RAYS, and help craft the platform for future Beamers!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!