Beam 2021 Week #18 - *1280000

Covering April 26th - May 3rd 2021

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Beam News

This week comes with a big update on the upcoming Hardfork and a shoutout to one of the best Beamers around!

Beam Builds

With the upcoming Beam Hardfork set to lay the landscape for Confidential DeFi, what better time to give a shout out to one of the independent Beam ecosystem contributors who has been adding value since the early days of Beam.

None other than Vsnation!

Let’s jump in and zoom in on some of what he has done for the ecosystem! 

  • Beam Butler
    Homed on both Telegram and Discord @beambbot is among the best of the bots! From humble beginnings, the bot is now a powerhouse, with features including tipping, red envelopes, jackpots, and helping share key information on Beam. One of the latest additions to the Beam Butler was that of support for Confidential Assets! An absolutely wicked bot! 

    An amazing site for the Beam community! The site contains a plethora of resources, block explorer, a Beam faucet, art, and a community store. A huge and continued effort on the site, providing the latest and greatest info and resources on all things Beam! 

    Can’t make it to Vegas? No problem! Vsnation has you covered with BeamBet. Try your luck in Dice, RSP, the Jackpot, and the latest addition to BeamBet, Roulette! Have some fun, and throw down some Beams! Wen Poker? 👀

    As you know Beam has always pushed for merchant adoption, takes that a step further, enabling Beamers to pay any merchant or service accepting BTC, with Beam. An absolutely massive service to the community! 

  • BeamPay
    If that wasn’t enough, Vsnation has also developed an Open Source payment processor, for merchants to accept Beam as payment. This makes Beam not only easy for purchasers, but enables anyone to accept Beam! 

Some absolutely wicked resources and platforms for the Beam community by way of Vs. Not only this, he’s incredibly active in the community (albeit a little shy), and is never far when it comes to offering support and getting to the bottom of any issues. An absolute legend.


This week we come with an update regarding the Hardfork. We want to ensure a smooth activation of the upgraded network, with ample time for users, mining pools, and exchanges to upgrade to the required software. Hence we are pushing the Hardfork block height to 1280000, to allow for further testing, and the necessary ecosystem preparation.

This added time will also come with the benefit of having some contracts ready to go soon after the Hardfork. For those eyeing the Github, there are some clues on what to expect! 🔥

Beam Outreach

The BOC platform pushes forward with last months voting wrapping up. The latest UI is looking slick as ever, with a new landing page and forum on the way. This will be an important part of the BOC mission. Looking forward to see you all there!  

Join in the fun with the BOC crew, take home some $RAYS, and help craft the platform for future Beamers!!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!