Beam 2021 Week #22 - The DAO for Privacy

Covering May 24th - May 30th 2021

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Beam News

A huge couple of weeks for Beam, with things ramping up for the fork coming in a couple of weeks. Desktop wallets have been released, with mobile expected very soon. Make sure to upgrade prior to the fork, to ensure a smooth transition. Let’s dive in and take a look at the last week in Beam!


The last week we published an in depth overview of BeamX, and a look at the next step in Beam Decentralization. Central to this, is of course the BeamX DAO. The upcoming hardfork will bring with it the addition of the Beam Virtual Machine (BVM), running Smart contracts, or as we call them Beam Shaders. This will allow for the decentralised voting and governance of the BeamX DeFi ecosystem, with the plan to expand beyond this in the future.

The initial Shaders will enable staking, to receive $BEAMX, the governance token for the BeamX DAO. Distribution will also be used to bootstrap liquidity on the first Dapps to be running on Beam.

Read the full article: BeamX DAO - The next step in Beam decentralisation

Beam Pulse : Episode 14
6.0 & BeamX DAO

In the latest, greatly anticipated, episode of Beam Pulse, Alex takes us through the process for BeamX and sheds more light on BeamX, the DAO, and the entire ecosystem.

Alpha leaks:

“At this moment our smart contracts are written in C++ and then compiled into Web Assembly which is the language which the Beam Virtual Machine understands. In the future you will also be able to create smart contracts in Rust or Go or any other language that can be compiled into Web Assembly and we will support this as well.”

  • Opens the doors for more devs to build on top of Beam

“The staking will be bias towards time, rather than amount, so the longer you stake the more BeamX you get”

  • Rewards those more committed to the success of Beam and BeamX DAO


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