Beam 2021 Week #23 - Mobile 6.0

Covering My 31st - June 6th 2021

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Beam News

The Beam Hardfork is rapidly approaching, and with it some huge possibilities for your private finances! DeFi creates a plethora of possibilities for individuals to partake in financial applications and activities that would otherwise be unavailable, or heavily guarded by adversary intermediaries. With the Hardfork, Beam sets the stage to fix the fundamental void in DeFi… Privacy.

Right now the reality is, that even with best practices and use of the existing tools, privacy is not attainable when partaking in the wider DeFi space. This is the gap Beam fills. Private stablecoins. Private AMM based DEX. Private lending and borrowing. The possibilities are endless, and the need and desire for it impossible to ignore.

Join us as we count down to the Hardfork on June the 13th, at block 1,280,000!

With the Hardfork around the corner, time to get your Beam wallets up to speed.

Fierce Fermion 6.0

Update your Android wallet

Update your iOS wallet

The latest mobile release comes with:

  • Hardfork compatibility

  • Improved send and receive screens

  • Easy usability for node selection and sync

The latest update is all you need for a smooth mobile transition with the upcoming network upgrade!

To bring yourself up to speed with the upcoming Hardfork check out:

Read up, get in the know, and join us com Hardfork!


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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