Beam 2021 Week #24 - Hard Fork

Covering June 7th - June 13th 2021

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Beam News

An absolutely massive week for Beam with the successful Hard Fork, third of its kind, taking place on Sunday. The team jumped online for the event, to watch over the network, prepared for any issues, and to eventually celebrate when the illustrious block hit.

Check out the rundown on the Hard Fork here!

The fork brings with it immense power, and a plethora of possibilities, both in the form of Confidential DeFi. The first of which is the proof of concept faucet, running on Beam Shaders, right from within the wallet. Unlike the faucet of old, this faucet is smart contract based, thus operating in a truly decentralised fashion.

This is but the beginning, and expect to see much more of this in the future. The first of which will be staking $BEAM for $BEAMX. This will likely be live after a few weeks, with the date TBA, so stay tuned!

There was one small issue on the faucet front for Windows users, who were unable to pull up the faucet dapp. A slight issue with the installer led to this and will be fixed in due course. Glad to say that the contracts and protocol are working as intended, without any issue.


A huge shoutout to Vsnation, who continues to bring greatness to the Beam ecosystem! The latest of such was additions to Beam4.Me. You can now buy BEAM through the site with Bitcoin, BUSD(BEP20), USDT(BEP20), BNB, ETH(BEP20), USDC(BEP20). A monstrous effort, and just one of the many he has done for Beam, so you are all encouraged to show some love and support ❤️

Smart contract capabilities are live on mainnet, by way of Beam Shaders, and the BVM!

Some insights into the Beam Hard Fork by way of Be In Crypto!

A big shoutout to all the exchanges, pools, ecosystem participants, and of course users for the timely upgrades and support throughout the Hard Fork process! Onwards to greater things, and a truly confidential future!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!