Beam 2021 Week #26 - The DAO

Covering June 21st - June 27th 2021

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Beam News

Another week closer to the launch of the BeamX DAO governance app, so what better time to check out some of the inner workings of the DAO itself. The exact launch time will be announced closer to the date, and is expected to come later next month. This will be the first of onchain governance for Beam, and the first chance to get some BeamX, via the initial staking campaign.

Some BeamX DAO highlights:

  • The initial Beam staking campaign is aimed to distribute a part of the BeamX DAO voting power to BEAM holders. This initial campaign will kick off with the launch of the BeamX DAO Dapp.

  • This will be the first of many, with the DAO itself being more involved in the later stages of distribution. These will contribute to bootstrapping liquidity for the various confidential DeFi Dapps that are in the works.

  • The Beam staking campaign will distribute $BEAMX through a separate Campaign contract. This contract is separate from the DAO Core contract for the sake of security and flexibility of the staking campaign. This flexibility will allow the campaign to be prolonged if deemed neccesary.

  • The intention is to give more opportunities to smaller Beam holders, and protect them from whales in some way. To do so, we use a quadratic voting approach: more weight will be given to the duration of staking, and less weight to the sum of Beam staked.

  • There will be no lock-up periods. You will be able to unstake your $BEAM at any time, and have them available in your wallet after a short cool-down period.

These are but a few key aspects for the incoming BeamX DAO. More info on the exact parameters and what to expect for launch will be presented in the coming weeks.

Research, Development, Product

Keeping in theme, some key developments are taking place on the product front, fleshng out the UI for the upcoming BeamX DAO launch. You can check out the screens for the Dapp interfaces and information provided here!

The core contracts for the initial governance and distribution of BeamX are all but complete, undergoing rigorous testing as we speak.


Great support from StealthEX, having Beam tradable on their instant exchange!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!