Beam 2021 Week #27 - Just DAO It

Covering June 28th - July 5th 2021

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Beam News

A busy week for Beam team as we push forward to the launch of BeamX coming later this month. A big part of which is onboarding new users, and bringing them in as Beamers. In this light we released a great piece on Introducing BeamX: Privacy-by-Default & Maximum Confidentiality DeFi ecosystem!

As we come closer to the launch, more info and updates on staking, voting, and the overall governance, will be shared with the community!

Coming soon ™ :

  • BeamX DAO Forum
    This will be the place for overall discussion on the upcoming DAO governance voting, and to present supporting evidence and pros and cons of each option. This will present a key role in the DAOs governance!

  • BeamX Tokenomics
    Outlining the initial phase for distribution, where staking Beam for BeamX will be possible. This will also outline how further phases will be decided and enacted.

  • BeamX Proposals Overview
    This will outline the different types of proposals for the BeamX DAO. From fully on chain voting with contracts being triggered on completion to that of signalling intent for change that cannot be conducted via a contract.

Research, Development, Product

Much of the current focus is on the imminent launch of the BeamX DAO and staking contracts. Due to the nature and importance of such, this is undergoing strenuous testing to ensure, not only a smooth launch, but secure and safe BeamX distribution contracts. The product team is working on the interfaces for staking, for Beamers to easily get some BeamX in their hot hands!

Another big focus currently is on improving both the current documentation, and increasing the documentation available for developers building on Beam. Expect to see more on this in the coming weeks!

Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!