Beam 2021 Week #29 - The Beam Dream

Covering July 12th - July 18th 2021

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Beam News

Since inception, Beam has set out to champion privacy for all, and to enable Beamers to keep their finances as they should be; private and confidential. The scope of the Beam Dream, has expanded from confidential store of value and means of exchange, to a suite of private-by-design decentralised applications. This has had a massive boost in recent months with the announcement of the BeamX DAO. We are now in the home stretch for the BeamX launch, which is set to bring the best-in-class privacy we all know and love to the DeFi space!

The date for staking 🥩 is still to be announced, so until then, soon™️.


What does it mean to be a Beamer you might ask?

  • Passionate advocates of privacy

  • Love, live and breathe crypto and blockchain

  • At the forefront of privacy tech

With these in mind, we encourage Beamers the world over to join us in our mission to bring financial privacy to all!

Research, Development, Product

The Beam devs are charging ahead for the release of both FF 6.1, and the BeamX staking Dapp. If you haven’t already, check out the latest and greatest in the Beam wallets!

As you will see, there are some wicked updates in the latest major release, from support for Confidential Assets, to the Atomic Swaps and the Dapp store! Together setting the stage for the BeamX DAO and ensuing staking campaigns that will come with it!


A busy week for Beam on Twitter. Throw some likes, comments, and retweets, and be the Beamer you want to see in the world; A wholesome privacy advocate, educating and engaging for brighter web3!

The Beam Dream Colorized 2021

The Beam Book

Protect your Privacy with Beam

Powering a More Powerful, Private DeFi

Some extra sauce for the TA Beamers with some insights into the weekly market movements, and some long term price projection, destination moon!

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!