Beam 2021 Week #30 - The Best of Privacy

Covering July 19th - July 25th 2021

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Beam News

A busy week for Beam and a busy week for the “wen stake”ers. Although this week we do not come with a firm date, we assure you that the utmost efforts are being taken in order to make the staking contracts funds safe, and the user experience an enjoyable one. With that in mind, and all the confidential DeFi excitement, it’s important remember what Beam stands for. You guessed it, Privacy!


Beam, from the get go, had its roots firm with the focus that the new financial system and web3 needed strong privacy in order to succeed as intended. Empowering users to take back control of their finances, without the same prying eyes we see in web2 monetising and capitalising our data, often without our knowledge.

So time for a quick recap on some of the key privacy components that make Beam Best-In-Class!

  • Mimblewimble
    Blockchain protocol containing only UTXOs. Hiding the sender, receiver, and amount transacted between wallets.

  • LelantusMW
    A privacy powerhouse, with the shielded pool protecting against flashlight attacks with an anon set of 64k(!!!).

  • Dandelion
    Obfuscate the transaction’s origin, nodes send the transaction on several hops, before it is randomly broadcast to the wider network.

Beam continues to bring the best-in-class privacy to users throughout the globe. Read more on why its a cause worth fighting for in:

Dare Not to Care — Your Financial Data Exposed with each Transaction

Research, Development, Product

Beam Dapp Store coming in hot with the DAO Core app live in the wallet ready for launch date (TBA). The last pieces of the puzzle are being put together to bring an unparalleled staking experience, right from the comfort of the Beam wallet. If you haven’t already, jump in the wallet, and check it out!

We have done some reshuffling and merged some of the groups on Telegram in order to consolidate coms, and make it easier for everyone to know what’s happening in the Beam ecosystem!

@BeamSupport - General support, wallets, Dapps etc.

@beamdevsupport - Development specific for those building on or with Beam

A big shoutout to Zachary from the Beam community, who building beam shaders into usable wasm through rust!! 😎

Beam Accepted Here

You may recall a while back, we provided free advertising banners in this weekly newsletter for merchants who accept Beam in their online stores. Well, we felt that it was time to rejuvenate this, as a thank you to all those amazing web stores who utilise BeamPay or by accepting Beam in the integrated payment processor via

With around 4000 subscribers to this email, which lands weekly on in the inboxes of those subscribers, there is no better place to target your products, than directly to the Beam community.

So! If you own a webstore and accept Beam as a payment method then apply for a free banner rotation in our ongoing newsletters! Simply email with links to your website, showing proof that you accept Beam as a payment method. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a banner design made up, we’ll do that for you!


Throw some likes, comments, and retweets, and be the Beamer you want to see in the world; A wholesome privacy advocate, educating and engaging for brighter web3!

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A Private Web3

Say Goodbye to Front Running

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!