Beam 2021 Week #31 - Daovelopment

Covering July 26th - August 2nd 2021

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Beam News

A big week for Beam with the BeamX DAO and initial staking phase around the corner. With all this on the near horizon, let’s dive in and take a look where exactly we are at in terms of research and development.

Beam DAO Core

There has been huge progress on the BeamX front, with the Beam DAO Core contract currently undergoing an audit. This will allude to any potential bugs or errors in the code, giving a more robust contract for kicking off the Beam staking. This staking will be taking place in the Beam DAO Core application right from within the wallet. The application will emit 100,000,000 $BEAMX , starting with the staking of $BEAM.

Fierce Fermion 6.1

On the wallet front, Fierce Fermion 6.1 is currently in testing. This upcoming release includes improvements in addressing, and wallet API enhancements to enable Dapp support. The mobile wallet is nearing the final stages of development, upgrading to be inline with the current desktop wallet in its support for Confidential Assets. The 6.2 mobile wallet release has begun development, this will come with Dapp support and yes(!!!) that means staking for $BEAMX!

Web Wallet

With the rest of the ecosystem progressing nicely, focus has shifted back to the Beam Web Wallet. This will be a key component in confidential DeFi, and will be a high priority over the coming months. The Web Wallet will support Confidential Assets, Dapps, and the coming bridges.


The decentralized Ethereum Bridges proof of concept is ready, with a demonstration to be shown within the next couple of weeks. These bridges will allow moving tokens from Ethereum to Beam, and vice versa, in a completely trustless and decentralized fashion. Support for the upcoming Ethereum London fork is included!

Beam Shaders

Early development has begun on both the DAO Voting contracts and Confidential Stable coin. These are expected to be some of the first Dapps to launch!

Block Explorer

The Blockchain Explorer is being updated to show information about smart contracts running on the Beam chain. This will include a full list of contracts, and the history of invocation for each of them.


The user and developer documentation has been undergoing an overhaul. Along with this, developer tooling such as the Beam Shader SDK is in progress. Both of these are expected to be released in the next couple of weeks. Work continues on additional developer tools including Shader debugger and in wallet Dapp development studio.

As you can see, many exciting additions to the Beam ecosystem are well on their way! Some absolutely huge months to come for Beamers!


Audit Initiated

DAO Core coming to Testnet

Protect Your Privacy

Swaps Central

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!