Beam 2021 Week #33 - Resisting Censorship

Covering August 9th - August 15th 2021

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Beam News

A big week behind us and a big week on the way. The contract for the initial staking phase for staking $BEAM for $BEAMX is still being audited so as of yet no date for launch has been announced. This is but around the corner, so stay tuned!

Beam Forum

This week we are proud to announce the unveiling of the Beam Forum!!

The forum has been set up in order to handle all of the discussion surrounding Beam, and BeamX governance, in one easy to navigate space. The forum will house a number of key categories, namely:

  • Announcements
    Important updates relating to release notes, updates, and proposal outcomes

  • Beamonomics
    For discussion about the $BEAM and $BEAMX token economics

  • Development
    For technical and development related discussion for those building on and with Beam

  • Proposals
    For presenting and discussing governance proposals

The forum will play and integral part in both Beam governance, and the onboarding of developers and Dapps.

Be sure to sign and up and get involved. The first proposal is expected tomorrow! 👀

Research and Development

A huge update this week on the research and development front. If you haven’t already, check out the (absolutely 🔥) thread by Alex Romanov, and while you are there give him a follow!

Let’s dive in and see what it’s all about!


This week we will have the first working demo of the fully decentralised bridge between Beam and Ethereum chains. The unique bridge design will allow for the complete verification of the Ethereum state on the Beam chain and vice versa. This removes any need for trusted or federated intermediaries.

The bridges will play an integral part in the confidential DeFi ecosystem of Beam, allowing liquidity to flow and the Dapps to benefit from such.

BRC - Beam Request for Comment

The forum is now live, with the BRC - Beam Request for Comment - being an instrumental component. This will be the way in which proposals and standards are first presented, giving the opportunity for feedback and input from the community and developers prior to implementation.

The first BRC will go live tomorrow. This will cover the Beam Token Standard, which will feature both fungible and non fungible tokens!


The latest 6.1 release for desktop will hit testnet later this week. It comes with some game changing features that will make the Beam confidential DeFi ecosystem truly unstoppable! Namely, the desktop wallet will allow Dapps to be run both hosted, and locally. It will be possible for Dapps to be distributed as a .dapp package, making them truly censorship resistant. Read more on why here!

The 6.1 mobile release will feature support for Confidential Assets. This is currently undergoing regression testing and expected to be released to mainnet in the weeks to come.


Great progress has been made on the Beam Web Wallet, with the ability to support third party hosted applications via a Metamask like API.

Some huge developments on the way for Beam, not to mention the greatly anticipated BeamX mainnet launch and ensuing staking!


Beam Visualised

Censorship Resistance

U and I

No Fee for Failure

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!