Beam 2021 Week #35 - Mobile Privacy

Covering August 30th - September 5th 2021

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Beam News

A big week with the latest mobile release dropping for both iOS and Android! Audits are still taking place for the upcoming BeamX launch, so stay tuned for the launch announcement and get ready for staking!

Fierce Fermion 6.1 Mobile

The latest mobile release just dropped last week, bringing 6.1 to iOS and Android with a host of new features and improvements.

The highlights:

  • Confidential Assets support on mobile!

  • Custom configurations now allow for wallet balance to also show Eth values!

  • Squashing Bugs and UI Improvements!

Check out the latest release article to read more on all that is new!

Research and Development

The devs are as busy as ever, with huge progress across all fronts as BeamX staking comes ever closer! One of the big focuses for now is to bring the Web Wallet live to mainnet, and to have Dapps accessible for all wallet users including Mobile and Web. This will play an integral part to onboard new users to the Beam confidential DeFi ecosystem!

MultiSig support is here!

A sneak peak at the Beam NFT gallery


Stay Private. Stay Confidential.

Beam Butler takes to Twitter

Decentralised Dapps - Sources

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!