Beam 2021 Week #36 - A Tip in Privacy

Covering September 6th - September 12th 2021

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Beam News

As much excitement garners for the imminent launch of BeamX, there is an absolutely huge addition to the Beam ecosystem that was (somewhat silently) launched to the community in the last weeks.

To bring a little context to the significance, you can check out the article on how “Twitter appears to be adding the ability to tip using Bitcoinfrom the Block.

Proudly presenting, the Beam Tip Bot on Twitter, by Vsnation

The Beam Tip Bot enables anyone to send and receive Beam on Twitter with ease. One important note, as always, when you withdraw from Twitter, no one will be able to track the transactions to your personal wallet. Privacy that is greatly lacking in BTC!

Research and Development

Much of the current Dev focus is surrounding the upcoming BeamX launch and initial staking campaign! With this in mind, a key factor is enabling as many to get involved, and onboard with Beam staking as possible. Therefore…

Dapps are coming to mobile!

The Beam mobile Dapp integration will be a key factor in attracting new Beamers. This will go hand in hand with the Beam Web Wallet, which is expected to launch on mainnet in the coming weeks, and will also have Dapp support to ensure anyone looking to stake $BEAM for $BEAMX can do so with ease!


Mobile Privacy!

Fight For Privacy!

Test and Serve!

Universal Privacy!

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!