Beam 2021 Week #37 - The Ecosystem for Privacy

Covering September 13th - September 19th 2021

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Beam News

A busy week for Beam with the DAO launch right around the corner, the last of the contract audit is taking place, and everything gearing up to a spectacular launch! The BeamX DAO brings with it the staking of $BEAM for $BEAMX, and with the two come an absolute power house of an ecosystem, so lets have a look at what’s to come!

The Highlights!

  • BeamX DAO With the launch of the $BEAMX Confidential Asset and the BeamX DAO will be responsible for onchain governance

  • Confidential DeFi → The Beam Virtual Machine running contracts compiled to WASM will drive the Decentralised Apps running on Beam, supported by bridges to Ethereum and other chains, along with Beam native swaps!

  • Best-in-class Privacy → Beam comes with backed in privacy on layer1, giving users freedom to transact without any prying eyes, and providing for true censorship resistance

  • Team & Community → Beam is built from scratch with the latest and greatest technological advances, and the required infrastructure for leading financial use-cases, all backed by a powerful global community!

  • Superior Usability → With wallets on all major platforms across desktop and mobile Beam is both easy to access and easy to use thanks to the attentive eye of the Development and Product teams

  • Built for Developers → A focus on developer support, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to build better, build private, build on Beam!

Research and Development

Did someone say Beam Confidential Asset Swaps!?!?

The Confidential Asset Swaps will be similar to those of Atomic swaps, allowing users to trade Beam to CAs, CAs to Beam, and CAs to CAs. One important (and wicked) difference is the speed at which these swaps take place. With Atomic Swaps, more than one chain is involved, thus adding extra nuance to how the swaps can be completed without one party losing out. This is solved by increasing the number of confirmations required to increase the security backing the output. With Confidential Asset Swaps both the assets being traded are running on Beam. This means that the swaps will take place in the same manner, and speed, of a regular Beam transaction!


🥩ing Soon TM!

Rangers Fan Token!

6.1 comes to Mobile!

Did You Know?

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