Beam 2021 Week #38 - A Closer Look

Covering September 20th - September 26th 2021

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Beam News

An exciting week with the completion of the Beam DAO contract audit! This is a huge step towards the full fledged Beam staking and true beginnings of the Decentralised Confidential DeFi ecosystem. Given that the $BEAM will be put into one of the first contracts to be running on the Beam mainnet, in order to receive $BEAMX, it is pertinent to take every step possible in order to make this as safe as possible for Beamers. The audit is one key component for this.

Lets dive in and see the key takeaways!

Pessimistic's Security Audit of Beam Key takeaways:

  • The audit did not reveal any issues that endanger the security of the project in the current implementation

  • The audit covered numerous automated and manual analysis and audit

  • The project is well designed, and the code base thoroughly optimised

  • Recommendation to improve documentation for developers and users

You can read over the full audit is available here on Beam Github. The point touched on regarding documentation has been long identified by both the community and team, and something actively being improved. The latest and greatest documentation can be found here, be sure to check it out and give any feedback as to what can be improved upon.

Research and Development

With the audit coming through, the final improvements and touches on the UI are being completed, with a launch date to be announced in the very near future.

The launch of the initial staking campaign staking campaign will be the first confidential DeFi use-case! This will act as an integral part in distributing $BEAMX, to be used for governance within the Beam DAO. There is great anticipation for the launch, and we are excited for the decentralised, confidential future ahead!




Sneak Peak 👀

Road to Confidentiality

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!