Beam 2021 Week #39 - The Private Multisig

Covering September 27th - October 3rd 2021

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Beam News

In last weeks newsletter we touched on the Beam DAO Core contract audit. An integral contract to the Beam ecosystem that will be the back bone in the initial phase of staking, where Beamers will be able to stake $BEAM for $BEAMX. Another contract that has been in the works, and just recently started its audit, is one that will also play a crucial role for the Beam ecosystem, Beamers, and projects building on Beam. That is the Multisig contract.

The Multisig can be found here as a part of the Beam Vault Shader

For those unfamiliar, multisig wallets allow a wallet to require a certain threshold of predefined signatures before the transaction can be executed. When the contract is set up, various elements are input such as signers and number thereof, along with the number required to execute a transaction such as 3 out of 5 signatures. Multisig wallets can increase security, along with distributing and decentralising control over actions and funds.

With the launch of BeamX around the corner, it is an important addition to the ecosystem arsenal, enabling DAOs, communities, and projects, the possibility to act in a more secure manner.

Research and Development

With the Beam DAO Core contract audit having recently completed, the time is coming to launch the contracts to testnet, followed soon after by mainnet.

The launch of the initial staking campaign is expected towards the end of this month, with the date to be announce within the next weeks.


Audit Complete

Privacy by Default!

Mobile Privacy

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