Beam 2021 Week #4 - Proof of Community!  

Covering January 18th - January 24th 2021

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Beam News

2021 Roadmap Update Community Call: 

Yesterday marked another fantastic Beam Community Call, again hosted by our CTO, Alex Romanov and as ever his presentation skills shone through. If you weren’t able to make the event at the time, don’t worry, you can watch the event on BeamTV below:

Checkout the slides to the presentation here!

Around 50 members of the Beam community joined the call and some great questions were posed to the team, with Romanov answering at the end of the presentation. Many topics were covered, and we received some great feedback after the event.

In the coming days, a draft Roadmap update will be added to Beam GitHub, along with a request for comment from the community, before a finalised version of the Roadmap will be published.

Beam Open Source Pool

You can now mine Beam using public offline address, private offline address or max privacy addresses, as well as the standard SBBS addresses which you are all used to!
A recent upgrade made to the free-to-use Beam Open Source Pool Software includes the ability for miners to utilise any of the Beam wallet addresses included in the 5.2 Eager Electron updates on desktop and mobile devices. You can test it all out by following the guide at Raskul’s website, point a gpu or a mining rig at his pool and see how easy it is to mine with a Beam offline address. As ever, the open source pool code is free to use and comes with a full install guide. This feature is not yet available on other mining pools but you can easily request your pool operative to add this feature, simply by adding --enable_lelantus flag to the wallet-api on their pools.

Happy Burns Night to Scots Across the Globe!

Beam Accepted here

This week in Beam Accepted Here, we bring you: Mobisun

With summer (hopefully!?) around the corner, no better time to start considering putting them rays shining down to good use! Mobisun offers a wide selection of solar panels for all your energy needs. They are one of the many merchants accepting Beam, so be sure to check them out!


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