Beam 2021 Week #41 - Powering Privacy

Covering October 11th - October 17th 2021

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Beam News

An absolutely monstrous week leading up the the launch of $BEAMX, and the first phase of $BEAM staking! A lot to cover, so let’s dive straight in!

Beam 🥩ing

The last week more info was solidified for the initial Beam Staking campaign that kicks on the 21st of October! Yes, you read that correct, the contracts will be live for all Beamers to get their stake on, and take home $BEAMX, the governance token for the confidential DeFi ecosystem set to power privacy!

For those that haven’t already, check out the latest info on BeamX distribution phase 1 here!

Key takeaways:

  • Kicking off October 21st!
    The date is set with the exact block height to be announced the day before kickoff. Stay tuned to Beam News on Telegram, and follow us on Twitter for the announcement of the exact time.

  • The initial campaign will last for 3 months, 131,400 blocks to be exact
    This will be the first of many distribution campaigns. Once the governance token distribution is underway expect DAO voting and the first Private Dapps to launch.

  • 2.8% of the 36% liquidity mining supply
    This equates to 1% of the total token supply to kick off $BEAMX distribution. More liquidity incentives will follow as applications are built out and launched on top of Beam.

If you haven’t already, be sure to have a trial run for Beam staking on the testnet wallet, and check out the guide by Raskul for the low down!

Beam Community Call!

The latest Beam Community Call was a blast! A great turnout from both new and longstanding Beamers, as we prepped for the BeamX launch, and discussed the upcoming Roadmap update.

A great break down of the Beam Community Call was shared by @PayWithBEAM on Twitter, in real time, for those that were unable to attend.

A lot there to unpack, let’s take a look at some of the alpha coming by way of Romanov:

  • Web wallet to be released this week!
    This will open Beam up to a wider audience. Enabling easy onboarding for those to get amongst and partake in the confidential DeFi, and do their part in powering privacy!

  • Asset Swap incoming!
    This will allow users to trade Beam and and Confidential Assets on top of Beam. Yes! That means $BEAMX, $RAYS, and the eventual wrapped assets and stablecoins that will no doubt want their piece of the privacy pie!

  • Mobile Private Dapps!
    The Beam Dapp store is coming soon to the mobile wallets! This will allow for Beam staking, the decentralised faucet, and the plethora of private Dapps to be in the palm of your hand at any time.

  • Beam Bridges with Ethereum!
    An absolute game changer for Beam, the decentralised bridges will allow any assets on Ethereum to be bridged to Beam, and benefit from privacy in all of their transactions and application usage.

  • Confidential NFTs!
    Beam team is already working with various partners to bring confidential NFTs to life. These will be art, gaming, and utility based. Alpha stream for more details!

This is but a glimpse of all that is to come for Beam. Be sure to check out the full community to see what else is on the cards, and prepare for the BeamX launch coming this Thursday!


Beamers!!! Prepare for staking!

A closer look at Beam!

Confidential NFTs!

BeamerZ ⚔️❤️‍🔥⚗️

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam!