Beam 2021 Week #43 - A Nifty Alpha!

Covering October 18th - October 24th 2021

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Beam News

A spooky week for Beam, given the holiday season of Halloween, and the enormous unfolding of the powerful tech enabling the first Confidential NFTs!!! A huge step for Beam, and an even bigger one for Non Fungibles.

That’s right, this week Beam launched the first confidential NFTs, kicking off with a boom and a bang with the BEAM NFT Halloween Competition. The NFTs were aided by the freshly launched NFT Marketplace, an early alpha edition exemplifying but a little of what is to come for Beam and private NFTs!

Beam NFTs!

The BEAM NFT competition kicked off with a blast! Let us dive in and see what it was all about with some of the stats!

Most likes:

  • "Ball" by "Karen" id 71, 180 likes

  • "Beam girl in Halloween" by "Stone Ocean" id 25, 160 likes

  • "Beamr whale #1" by "BFL - Beamr for Life Collection" id 84, 109 likes

  • "Zeam dog_all" by "" id 3, 83 likes

  • "BEAM to the Moon" by "Gellershtein" id 138, 81 likes

  • "Mainnet PIG" by "RIOTPIG" id 1, 65 likes

  • "BeamX Mummy" by "Yuvraj" id 9, 64 likes

  • "Zeam dog_G" by "" id 4, 62 likes

  • "Zeam dog_M" by "" id 6, 61 likes

  • "Beam Raider" by "Aryu" id 10, 60 likes

Total likes: 6085

Top Sales:

  • "Testnet PIG" by "RIOTPIG" id 2, 2999 BEAM

  • "Mr BEAM" by "Gellershtein" id 107, 1000 BEAM

  • "Beam's Sunrise" by "Gellershtein" id 108, 1000 BEAM

  • "Anarchy PIG" by "RIOTPIG" id 89, 900 BEAM

  • "BEAMX horse" by "Ketty Friz" id 129, 900 BEAM

  • "BEAM horse" by "Ketty Friz" id 98, 860 BEAM

  • "Watch BeamX" by "Gellershtein" id 106, 800 BEAM

  • "Golden ratio" by "Ketty Friz" id 97, 750 BEAM

  • "SDKC 20" by "NFT Nort" id 123, 650 BEAM

  • "Horse skull" by "Ketty Friz" id 99, 555 BEAM

Total value of sales: 23473.8 BEAM

A huge amount of attention and action for the first days of the Beam NFT marketplace, and the first ever confidential NFTs launched on none other than Beam! Some great participation and feedback from all those involved, and we are looking forward to progressing from this initial launch, adding more functionality to the platform.

Voting for the BEAM Halloween NFT competition closes tomorrow!

If you haven’t already, spin up your wallets, check out the latest and greatest, and vote for your favourite Beam NFT!



Not to be Confused!

Spotted in the Wild!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend!

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam