Beam 2021 Week #45 - The Plentiful Mines of Beam!

Covering November 8th - November 14th 2021

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Beam News

The latest week saw a lot of discussion about the recently launched NFTs, with some new additions on both the NFT and Gallery fronts! Before all that, let’s take a step back and take a look at what Beam is all about!

Mine Moar Beam!

Last week bought up the 100 millionth mined Beam, and with that comes a reminder to mine moar Beam! As a proof of work crypto currency, Beam relies on GPU hash power to secure the network, and keep our transactions flowing. With the latest staking campaign and launch of the NFT marketplace, the Beam transactions are ramping up, giving miners a bigger reward on top of the block subsidy. Expect this to increase further with the roll out of more Dapps in the coming months!

Check out the latest from VoskCoin on all things mining and Beam!

Beam NFTs

The last week saw high demand from the community to re open the minting of NFTs utilising the current Alpha version of the confidential NFT Gallery. Due to technical reasons some limitations will be in effect on the files that can be uploaded. Decentralised self minting of Beam NFTs is in the works, so stay tuned for the announcement.

For NFT Minting:

  1. Up to 10 works per author will be uploaded each week on Thursdays

  2. Each image should not exceed 50 kilobytes in size

  3. Image format should be JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) only

  4. Image file names should correspond to the name of the piece exactly

  5. Images should be sent as zip archive to email

  6. Artist name and public key should be included

  7. Artists will be notified in reply email once their submissions are uploaded at which point it is up to the artist to set the initial price

  8. In case images are not uploaded for any reason, artists will be notified

You can read the full discussion of the Beam NFTs on the Forum!

As of the above announcement we have seen some stunning new Beamverse Inhabitants and Beam Punk NFTs up for grabs. Along with the latest confidential NFTs comes an amazing new Web based NFT marketplace!

Check out for the latest and greatest confidential NFTs!

This gallery comes from the one and only Vsnation! A massive addition to his incredible suite of Beam tools and applications!


As you know the BeamX initial staking campaign kicked off last month. It has seen huge support and confidence from the community, with the numbers continuing to rise since the contracts went live!

Total Stakers: 11797

Farmed: 281,887.37/1000000(28.19%)

TVL in $BEAM: 20,442,852(20.18% of circ. supply)

TVL in $: $13,924,914

BeamX withdraw from contract: 61,117.4106

If you are not yet staking, jump into the Beam Core Dapp and get your farm on! 🧑‍🌾


Farm your BeamX!

Mine Stake Hodl!

That is all for this week, but be sure to sign up, and stay tuned for all things Beam