Beam 2021 Week #7 - Bridge Dot Eth

Covering February 8th - February 14th 2021

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Beam News

Word on the street is that the EE 5.3 release is right around the corner, with the testnet release under the scrutinous eyes of the QA Team, lead by the lovely Vika. A huge release bringing swaps with ETH, USDT, DAI, and WBTC.

Another important aspect of crypto, is the ability to interact with not only ones self itself, but with the other platforms, networks, and applications making up the rest of the space. Beam is not shy on this front, and has been pushing forward with development on bridges. The initial bridges being developed are between Ethereum and Polkadot. This will open Beam up to the two ecosystems, boosting both volumes and users, especially when BeamX hits main net in the not so distant future.

On the Beam side, the bridge architecture will be very similar to that of Beam Side Chains. These bridges will allow users to lock Assets on one chain, E.g. Ethereum, that can the be represented and used on Beam, allowing for private transactions, and to take part in the confidential DeFi ecosystem being built out.

Sneak peak from Sasha

work in progress for Beam Dex. Bringing privacy, trading, and DeFi together!

Research and Development

Beam Accepted here

This week in Beam Accepted Here, we bring you: CODONO

Codono offers crypto currency exchange software, including security features, trading engines, and user interfaces!


A happy lunar New Year from Beam

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