Beam 2021 Week #8 - Final Five

Covering February 15th - February 21st 2021

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Beam News

Atomic Swaps hitting Beam wallets! Eager Electron 5.3 added ETH, USDT, DAI, and WBTC to the swaps board. This brings the pairs up to nine, with a variety of different asset classes now available for trade right from within the Beam Wallet.

Update to the latest release here!

The EE 5.3 release is set to be the last release, before bringing BeamX to mainnet in version 6.0, Expected around the end of Q1, early Q2.

Research and Development

A sneak peak into the concepts for Beam Side chains, from Product Lead, Sasha.

The POC is currently in the works, with a demo around the corner. These sidechains will bring with them the possibility to implore different consensus mechanism, with faster block times and increased throughput. This will allow for such bleeding edge tech as GhostDAG, to be run and tested in a live environment, without a full hardfork shift. For certain usecases and confidential DeFi applications, a sidechain can bring improved functionality and user experience!

Dev updates:

  • ETH, USDT, DAI, and WBTC Atomic Swaps hit mainnet!

  • Fierce Fermion 6.0 is in the works. Check out the development and progress!

  • Hotfix coming for mobile to sort the Beam exchange rates

  • Webwallet is being refactored to make use of the Mobile Node technology for mainnet launch. This will enable the Webwallet to run without any centralized components

  • Updated Roadmap in the works, to be presented for community consideration. Stay Tuned!

Beam Accepted here

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