Beam 2021 Week #9 - A Ray of Beam

Covering February 22nd - February 28th 2021

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Beam News

The latest week brought with it a Hotfix for both iOS and Android, fixing the issues relating to exchange rates. Along with this good progress on FF 6.0, and the Web Wallet have been taking place, as they edge closer to mainnet. Something exciting to look forward to this week is that of Beam Outreach, and the launch of #BOC.

Beam Outreach Club

This is the week for the Beam Outreach Club launch! The platform has been under testing and sculpting by and for the community, with Agbona and Vsnation leading the charge. They will be opening up to the wider community to get amongst, and have some exciting stuff on the cards!

The initiative spurred as an extension of the ambassador program, to get the wider community involved and scale participation in spreading the word on Beam and privacy. Those that get involved in #BOC will not only have a massive impact on Beam, but also the platform itself, with plans to expand and evolve beyond its current form. Those active on the #BOC platform will receive $RAYs, issued as a Confidential Asset on top of Beam. The kickoff will include a boosted rewards phase, so be sure to get involved early on!

Follow on Twitter, get ready for launch, and see you all at the Beam Outreach Club!

Research and Development

With much feedback on the wallet coming through from the community, specifically related to the addresses, and number thereof, the team has focused a lot of attention on how to make this a more pleasant user experience.

Dev updates:

  • Hotfix for both iOS and Android wallets to amend the issue with Beam exchange rates

  • First successful transactions have been completed on the Web Wallet. It will be using the same technology to allow for a truly decentralised web wallet.

  • Work continues on Fierce Fermion 6.0, which will release with the BeamX Hardfork.


Sign up, stay tuned, and see you all next week!

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