BEAM Newsletter - 2018 Week #43 

Covering Oct. 19th - 26th 2018



  • 5 planned meetups for the next couple of weeks:

    • Toronto

    • Lagos

    • Los Angeles (coming soon)

    • Shanghai (coming soon)

    • New Delhi (coming soon)

  • Team BEAM has on-boarded 2 new Ambassadors:

    • Fengyun from Shanghai in China

    • Akul Gupta from New Delhi in India

  • Meet Team BEAM on 2 new Telegram channels dedicated to Mimblewimble: Mimblewimble Community & Mimblewimble Tech and Coins



We have worked on the following features:

We are working on the following features:

  • Atomic Swaps support in Wallet

  • Mobile wallet (Android)

  • APIs for miners and exchanges

  • Blockchain explorer